Goal Accomplished!!

Thank you so much everyone for your support, I've reached my Run to Home Base fundraising goal!!
A special thanks to Michel @ Baby Weight My Fat Ass for pushing me toward the goal line!
Those of you who donated, I appreciate your support tremendously. You helped me raise $255 toward my goal!

This weeks winner is...

Karen is a blogger I missed on meeting at RnR NOLA, but hopefully we can meet up at RnR Providence!

Karen email me your prize choice!

from now until the prizes are gone, I will pick a winner every day until all prizes are gone!
You can still donate & check out the prizes HERE

A week from tomorrow I will join my brother, and my friend Lindsay (who just returned from Afghanistan in the Airforce!), to run a 9K ending at Fenway Park to support injured vets of war. 
I will be wearing this....
And probably a black top, and a special Bondi Band that the amazing folks at Bondi Band made for me!

Unfortunately, I waited too long to book a hotel room. The combo of the race, a Sox game, and college graduation, left me with one choice at $360. Theres 3 of us at least to split it, and its in a great location by Copley Square. I just reallllly didn't want to sleep on my brother's futon. 

I have a couple of good posts planned (reviews, giveaways, etc), but I've been crazy lately. Today yucky weather (rain the rest of the weekend), should help me catch up on blogging. Till then!


The Green Girl said...

Whoo hoo! You go, girl!

Karen said...

SO excited that you met your goal! Congrats!! :0)

Penny said...

Congrat on reaching your goal. Love that skirt you will be wearing. You sure will be styling in your outfit. Good Luck on your race.