Much needed day off!

Today, I had a much needed mental health day from work. A day to de-stress, work out and get my head in the game, and get things done.  After watching the Biggest Loser season finale from my DVR (how skinny were Hannah & Olivia!!??), I went to the pool.

My first swim since the triathlon on May 1st. I went around 8ish, and once I got there I remembered how much I hate the old pool ladies. Luckily as I was getting in, another lap swimmer was starting out & was willing to split the lane. In the far lane was the old lady with her earplugs, headband, hat, & shirt doing a weird kind of crawl & sidestroke. I overheard another girl ask to share her lane later, but ohhh no, she had a medical condition and can't. I remembered her from last spring. Then ironically I heard the old lady talking to a friend, and her friend was complaining about no-one sharing a lane with her yesterday. hypocrite?

I came home, and decided to start cleaning out my flower beds, and got on a roll. I dug up the tulips, cleaned the junk. It was looking so good, I decided to head over to the local farm and hardware store to get some planting supplies. Then I came home to plant. I wasn't planning on it, but the weather was so gorgeous, I just had to be outside instead of cleaning the bathroom.

My front flower bed. Geraniums & Dalhias

My veggie garden. String beans, zucchini, eggplant, cucumber,  basil, & green peppers.

Porch tomato plant.

After a few hours of gardening, I came in to get cleaned up. Then I had to get out for a ride. Off I went for an easy one since I was pretty tired from the day's activities. A few hiccups along the way, like me misplacing my water bottle after a drink and it falling into the road. I had to stop to pick it up. Then I almost got swiped by 2 cars who were not paying attention later on. Plus, my gears were not changing right, I think I need a tune up. desperately.

So now, after my super productive day, I am heading to Chilis for dinner with the roomie, possibly followed by a splurge of ice cream for dessert.

What did you do for the gorgeous day?


Wells L said...

First off, NOT a gorgeous day here in Indiana, so I'm beyond jealous you had the day off and the weather was beautiful. Your flower bed and garden look great! Second - way to get in 2 workouts today PLUS all that outdoor work . . .super job!

Forward Foot Strides said...

Aww grumpy old ladies! Nice gardens, and I LOVE eggplant!

Kristin said...

I cannot stand the old grumpy ladies in the pool either!! They are everywhere!! Ahh!! Love the plants!!

Carly said...

Sounds like a good day to me! I'm looking forward to having Monday off for the holiday. Hoping to also get in some good workouts this weekend.

Suzy said...

I love your gardens. My flowers and veggies just arrived yesterday so I'll be planting this weekend.