2 weeks to go!

I only have 2 weeks left until the 9K! I only have 10 days left to do my fundraising, and I am only $40 away from my goal. I'm super sad because I haven't gotten any raffle entries in over 3 weeks. I could really use your help to rally & finish my fundraising, please check it out HERE!

Since I didn't pick a winner last week (computer issues), I have 2 winners this week...

Lesley @ Racing it Off!


please email me with your choice of prize!

This weekend has been a busy one. I have been trying to work on my nutrition, but its been hard. Scorpian bowls, hibachi dinner, beers and hanging out with friends have gotten in my way. I need a better way to remind myself what I want. I decided to write down my goals and rewards (i'll post later), to try and keep me accountable. Most of the rewards are race entries, so I'll be pretty sad to not get them, which should help give me motivation. 

9 mile run today. really tough, I wanted to give up, but we plowed through. Then rewarded ourselves with Panera breakfast sandwiches. YUM.

Tonight we're having my mom & sister & Kevin's grandmother over for dinner. Healthy chicken on the grill with a peach & strawberry salsa, grilled squash, and angel food cake trifle for dessert. wish me luck on the cooking!


Wells L said...

Way to push through - it certainly feels good knowing "you did that" as opposed to the feeling of regret if you hadn't. Great job! Your dinner sounds yum-my! Good luck and have fun!

Penny said...

Way to keep pushing yourself on your run today. I know it is hard sometimes. Tomorrow is a new day. You are going to have a great week. Good Luck on your dinner. It sounds so good.

Running Ricig said...

I had some serious struggles with eating this weekend too. Maybe I should be writing down goals.

Sara said...

Sounds wonderful! I hope you had a good cookout! :)

Wells L said...

Hoping you're well. Thinking of you!