Weekendish recap..

4 days till I leave for New Orleans!

Today was my last long run before New Orleans next weekend! Todays 8 miler was on a treadmill. Even though the weather had warmed up to 35 degrees, the roads had been wicked icy last night and there was flooding everywhere. I came up with a new mind-game to get myself through the boring miles. Since I haven't done an outdoor run in over a month, I figured the random hill setting was a necessary evil. I played with the speeds, picking it up with low inclines, and slowing down on hills. I figured thats what will probably be happening come race day.

We're looking for fun things to do in New Orleans. Any suggestions?
I'm thinking a walking cocktail tour of the city

Yesterday we spent almost 2 hours shoveling. No, we didn't get another snowstorm.... we had the roof shoveled. Thank goodness, because roofs were collapsing all over the place and I was getting nervous. I mean, look at this hot mess.

The roof shovelers left a huge mess in the driveway, so we spent saturday afternoon shoveling, followed by delicious delivery pizza, then dinner at the brewery with take home growlers to boot.

After my kick ass massage today to work out the final kinks before race day, Kevin & I hit the store for some superbowel treats. Now, I'm not a fan of football, could give a crap about the game (obvi I'm writing this post during the game) We made Kielbasa, nacho potatoes,veggies & dip, harry & david dip with Stacy's Pita Chips, and ordered wings. The growlers are definitely cracked open. We have just a couple people over and are having a low key evening.

Lucky me, I won a Contigo water bottle @ Philadelphia Phitness Pharmacy

And make sure to enter to win a Tanita Body Composition Scale @ 26.2 is my cooldown

Ooohh Did I mention how excited I am for the Verizon Iphone? I pre-ordered on thursday, and can't wait for it to come in!

And..... my I'm just waiting for a couple more prizes to trickle in before beginning my fundraising raffle. I can't wait for it to begin so you can all see what great things there are in store!

Time to finish baking and then off to bed!


Karen said...

The race is coming so fast!! Aaaah I can't wait!! :0) Hope to see you around! I'll be in a blue DetermiNation shirt!! :0)

Wells L said...

Roof shoveling - so glad that that isn't necessary (yet) in my neck of the woods. Yikes!
Have fun getting ready for your race - sounds like it will be a blast!!! Can't wait to hear all the details.

Robin said...

Have a great race! They used to do cool ghost tours at night in New Orleans, don't know if they do anymore.

Shawn Becker said...

If I do not get in touch with you before next weekend...GOOD LUCK!!!!!!

Have a great time and I would take the cocktail tour for sure!

Elizabeth said...

The tours that leave from jackson square in a horse & buggy are pretty good. random bits of history. i really haven’t done any others. Obviously beignets are the most important thing there :) aside from bourbon street (which is overrated in my opinion). i’m going to email you about plans for a meetup before i post it…looking forward to meeting you!

Sara said...

Best of luck at your race! Can't wait to hear the recap! :)

Pinkhatrunner said...

Good Luck on your race.