weekend plans & Gu winner!

Even though I'm back from NOLA, I've been having trouble getting on track with eating. My goal for the weekend is to get back to my weight watchers tracking. At least until leaving for Disney, then I'll allow myself a break. 

As far as running? I was so sore after RnR, I thought Disney would be a fun race with lots of walking & pictures for sure. Now my legs have recovered & I'm feeling pretty good, like maybe I'll actually be able to run a good portion of the race! I still plan on this being a fun race though and stopping for pictures and whatnots along the way!I have an 8 miler scheduled with Shelley on sunday, and I have a massage today. All to prep me for next weekend. I have been craving to ride my bike, but the trainer will have to do for today.

Later today, I'm heading out with my mom to go car shopping. She wants a new Ford Escape, and I want a new car too, but I won't be getting a new one right now. A friend of mine works for Ford and is signing my mom up for his friends and family discount, sweet! Plus we have red sox/yankee tickets to buy today! We won the lottery and will hopefully be able to get a 4 pack to  a weekend game. Taxes are on my agenda for later today or tomorrow as well, how fun haha

oh ya......

Gu Winner?
Elizabeth @ Canyon Carins!
She's currently mapping out her triathlon race schedule for the summer (something I need to focus on!)

congrats & email me at sgrigely at hotmail dot com so I can get your info to Scott for your prize!

Lastly, I will be posting my BIG fundraising raffle TODAY!!
I have a couple more prizes on the way, but the complete list won't be needed until we start getting some winners, so lets get some entries! I am so excited for this, and I hope you are too! Check it out later today!


Wells L said...

Sweet car deal, indeed! My training partner and her daughter ran the Princess Half last year and had a BLAST! You will definitely want to stop for photos with the characters and she took pictures of each of the mile markers/clocks - too cute!!! Have a great weekend!!! Enjoy the massage . . . wonderful!

The Green Girl said...

In case you missed it, you're the winner of the Farthest Star Cookies Cookie Shots Sampler.


Pinkhatrunner said...

Have fun car shopping with your mom. I know what you mean getting back on track with your food. I went on vacation late January and I still have not gotten to where I want to be with food. Still running that makes me feel better at least I am doing something healthy. Hang in there. You will do good these weekend.