Livin' it up in the Big Easy!

Wednesday night as we flew into Hartford and saw the snow coating the ground, I almost started crying. We had a blast in New Orleans, mostly from the warm weather and non stop drinking, but the race was pretty kick ass too. I'll have my race recap to follow, but I wanted to start off with an overview of the entire trip.

We got in pretty late to New Orleans, and were tired from traveling, so friday night was lame low key. Straight to bed once we were able to have the maintenance crew from the hotel disconnect our fire alarm that kept chirping. 

Saturday was Expo day! 

We had a blast, I'll give more details in my race report including my semi-celebrity meet up!
Then we headed to lunch...

We saw a cathedral on the way for Beignets...
and even though we missed out on meeting Elizabeth, we scored some delicious treats.

We had a bad dinner at the Crazy Lobster (which ironically was out of lobster), then stopped at the convenience store by our hotel on the way back for gatorade for race day. We also found 4 Loko, which is outlawed in Massachusetts (obviously Kevin went back to get some after the race).

The race was amazing! My favorite so far. Well organized and supported, I was wicked impressed!
Don't worry, my official race report will follow later today!
Shelley and I totally killed it and had an awesome time.
Can you see that gorgeous sky? It was a beautiful day...

After some relaxing, we went to dinner at Cafe Giovanni's which was the most delicious meal of our trip. Then we headed out on the search for hand grenades.

We found them, and they were delicious! After a couple of those, and my drinks at dinner, my legs weren't feeling as sore!

Saw this on the way home.... Never knew CVS sold booze!?
Monday we walked to Magazine street to Varsity Sports to get my medal engraved. I couldn't resist and bought a new pair of running shorts. We did a little shopping before Shelley & Caitlin left for home, then Kevin and I went to get ready for our Valentine's day dinner.
We went to Dragos, and had lobster (yum!), then headed over to Bourban for a few cocktails. Tuesday we went on a tour of Mardi Gras world, where they make many of the floats for the Mardi Gras parades.

One of the finished floats for this year

A lindsey lohan, paris hilton themed float design for this year

After, Kevin and I decided to make our own bar tour. We picked out 6 different bars to go to that had some history behind them, and classic drinks. At each one, we got a drink (or 2) and read about the history of the bar from our iphone. Our spots included:
1. Napolean House
2. Muriel's
3. Pat O'Brian's
4. The Bombay Club
5. Old Absinthe House
6. Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop
We had everything from Pimm's cups, whiskey sours with egg whites, hurricanes, mint juleps, absinthe,  and obituary cocktails.

Pimm's Cup


wicked strong

Needless to stay, after that and a couple grenades & a slice of pizza, we ended the night with Kareoke at the Cat's Meow. A little Ke$a and Carrie Underwood for me, then I was ready for bed at 2am.

Thursday morning we did last minute shopping and packing before heading home. I miss the warm weather already! I do however, need to stop drinking & get my eating back on track since the Disney Princess half is 10 days away!

We had a fabulous time in New Orleans, who knows, maybe we'll make it back there again someday!

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Carly said...

Glad to hear that you had such a nice time. I'm sure the warm weather was glorious!

Lisa J said...

Glad you enjoyed yourself in the big easy. Wish we would have stayed longer to do some tours, but gives reason for another trip back. Congrats on your new PR too

Terri said...

Fun!! :) I've never been to New Orleans and would love to go!

LauraElaine said...

Sounds like you guys had a great time!!

Wells L said...

In case the whole PT career doesn't work out - you may really want to consider applying for a position with the NOLA visitors & travel bureau. I totally want to go now !!!! :) Looks like a GREAT time!!!!

The Green Girl said...

I love love love that shot of you at the Finish Line. You scream 'The Big Easy'!