What is motivating me... Part 2

The Olympics of course!!

How can you not be motivated by their incredible performances, their ridiculously muscular bodies, and amazing determination & dedication to their sport. I DVRd the women's triathlon saturday since I was working, and looked forward to watching it all day.

I got home, and parked myself on my bike trainer to enjoy the incredible race. It was a nail biter, as the favorite to win slipped back, an american almost made it to the podium, and a photo finish at the end. 
So inspiring.

Sunday was the women's marathon, I was looking forward to watching Shalane & Kara run their hearts out. Watching Shalane slip back at the end of the race to 10th place. Kara picked it up at the end and ended at 11th place, and watching them together post-race just shows how great Team USA is.

More track & field events to watch, the Men's triathlon & Marathon are still ahead, and I can't wait!

Watching Oscar Pistorius compete in the 400m, making it to the semi-finals....
Especially to me in my line of work.

I'm also competing in Run with Jess' Virtual Games!

I need to get started in my events!!

Do you love the Olympics?
Have the Olympics been motivating you?
What is your favorite event to watch?


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the Olympics and wish I would be off work for those 2 weeks so I could watch tv all day! I'm not very happy how NBC broadcasts the event, but oh well.

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

if i had my treadmill i so would have watched the marathon while doing my long run!! I love these athletes not just for their performance but their attitudes