Only 3 weeks left?!

Only 3 weeks to go!!!!

Training Recap

Monday: Sleeping in... missed my swim, whoops!
Tuesday: 7+ miles of running speedwork. Felt amazing!!
Wednesday: Thunderstorms led us to an indoor bootcamp, which ended up TRX style (love it!). TABATA protocol kicked my ass, and I couldn't straighten my arms until sunday night!
Thursday: Bike-run brick. 1 hour trainer ride, followed by a 10 minute run.
Friday: My arms were still so sore, I had to skip bootcamp. I literally could barely move my legs either. Uh oh... half marathon sunday?
Saturday: 2 1/2 hour ride... on the trainer so I could start earlier and avoid the storms outside. I skipped the 3 mile run after the ride, since my legs were still sore, and I didn't want to be exhausted for Sunday. And i had to get an early start to leave for Providence!
Sunday: Rock N Roll Providence Half Marathon! Made it through without knee pain, a little sore ( I guess a heavy training cycle without taper will do that), and proud to finish #11!

Nutrition: Good 90% of the week until Thursday & Friday. Pizza takeout & Chinese takeout. What was I thinking???!!

Can you believe I race 70.3 in 3 weeks??? I am so nervous about actually finishing. About not dying before the finish. About not injuring myself, not getting trampled, and not looking like a fool. OMG can I really do this??


Aimee said...

You definitely can do it! I think you will do great. Good luck with the rest of your training. Congratulations on the Providence half!

Anonymous said...

As long as you make it out of the water,you can do this! That was my biggest fear for my first tri.