11 Days and counting!

Less than 2 weeks to go!!

I'm embarrassed to report my training from last week, since it kind of fell apart. I did get in the pool, but my weekend long workouts were a bust. We had a wedding in Vermont to get to saturday, and I woke up late, and ran out of time before we had to get on the road, so I only managed a 1 hour bike ride.

The wedding was one of Kevin's friend's, and was a BYOB pig roast. I'm not really used to weddings like this, so I needed a bottle of my pink champagne, and half a bottle of their champagne to keep myself entertained.

So sad, the bottles empty!
The wedding was over early (8pm ish), but we were hungry and hit up Shaw's for some snacks and watched Blades of Glory at the hotel.

In the morning after breakfast, we went to breakfast, then hit up Longtrail brewery and Harpoon Brewery for tastings, tours, and lunch, not getting home until 4pm.

Harpoon Brewery in Windsor, VT!
longrun missed.

Less than 2 weeks left, and I'm going to Newport with the girls this weekend. I'm DEFINITELY getting in my long run sunday before we leave.

Im debating a race...
Have you checked my facebook page to see which one?

Happy Taper Time!

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misszippy said...

You'll have so much fun at the race. And the lead up to it doesn't sound too bad, either!