Mileage vs Time

As I keep thinking about 70.3, I've started looking into training plans. (Not to mention have crossed a couple potential races off the list and added a couple on). One thing I hate about all the training plans, is that they are based on time, not miles.

In all my running training, I've always trained in miles. I like to know I'll be able to cover the distance that will be demanded of me. Especially since I'm a slower biker/runner, if I only do the time listed on a training plan, I feel like I won't get the miles in. If I have a mile goal, I don't rush to get them done to fit it in a  timeframe, so I'm not worrying too much about speed. My main focus is getting ready to tackle ALL 70.3 miles.

I remember when I started training for my first triathlon, I had trouble finding a sprint plan in miles. Then last year, I followed an Olympic plan to keep my mileage up and found one with some effort. For the 70.3 though, I'm having a HELL of a time finding a plan in miles. Some of my Tough Chik teammates have offered me training plans, advice, and suggestions of books to read. As of right now, they all focus on time, which leads me to consider hiring a coach or making my own plan myself basing it off the time goals.

What are your thoughts on training plans in miles vs time?

Now with that new training plan I come up with, I feel like I need a better Garmin for swim purposes. Although I can't convince myself its a necessity yet because of the outrageous price.

How beautiful.
The new 910xt. 
Not only does it work in the water, its useful in pool or open water. It counts strokes, distance, stroke type, efficiency. Running & Biking are great as usual, and the new version should work with my 405 Heart rate monitor, so I can get the cheaper version to start with. The size looks smaller than the 305.
For now, I'll keep dreaming.

Do your swim/bike/run with a Garmin?
Have you seen/tried the new Garmin?

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Lisa said...

my thought is that i am too slow to run or bike or swim based on time if my goal is to complete something long. i feel that I really need to get the distance in and it usually takes me longer than what i think the training based on time takes into consideration. otherwise, i don't think it would be a problem...

Jenn said...

oh wow, that garmin...swoon. My 2 cents? The hardest part about endurance training is getting your body used to MOVING for x amount of time. As long as the training plan is devised so that the amount of time you're working out is eventually = to the amount of time you need for the race, you should be ok. I have the same problem. A lot of those plans aren't designed for those of us who take our sweet time!

track coach and adorable wife said...

I feel like you sometimes, I am slower, so sure I may be able to run for 30 minutes, but that doesn't mean I can run 3 miles, etc. Good luck finding a plan you like!

Pete B said...

I read an unbelievably in-depth review of the Garmin 910xt yesterday and the only drawback (besides the price) is that it loses the GPS signal when underwater. One workaround seems to be to stuff it in your swim cap, so it is not underwater. That said, it looks like it is hands down the best Triathlon watch available. The review is at

Lesley @ said...

That pretty baby will be in my mailbox today. And I don't even swim. LOL. I wanted the battery life and altimeter for my ultras. WOOOOOOOOO. Will let you know how it works out.

My first ever training plan was by time. I usually go by miles, but I gotta say, for those of us that aren't super super speedy, man, it's hard how many hours we put in... but your races will take that amount of time too, so I go by miles so long as my body lets me... but I'm not a triathlete!

Michelle said...

I'm definitely speedy so I feel like I have to put the miles in so I know I can do the distance.

That is one sweet Garmin!

Tagged you in my recent post :)