2012 Goals

I loved making goals, not resolutions last year. In fact, I decided to do it again. And while I maybe didn't achieve all that I set out to this year, I am really proud of what I did accomplish. Look out 2012, I'm here to take you over this year!

2011 Goals Reviewed

1.  Half Marathon PR. Accomplished at RnR Providence in 2:19:44 . I was beyond surprised with this race, especially with the hills and pouring rain. But I LOVED every second of it.

2. Complete an Olympic distance triathlon. Unfortunately this didn't happen. I did a few more Sprint distance races, but didn't commit to swimming enough to be successful with a Olympic. Plus with the August half training, I was more run focused than tri focused this year.

3.  Run 1,000 miles. I made it to 780. I honestly didn't think I would make it to 1,000, so I'm really Impressed I almost made it to 800. I did make biking a more regular part of my schedule though, and between swimming, biking & running, I hit over 1,107 all together.

4.  Strength training as a regular part of my workouts. I've made it a priority of going to work out with Krystal @ Bia Fitness. A combo of Bootcamp classes & TRX has made me stronger, and I love it!

5. Follow the new weight watchers program. I did for a while when we did weight watchers at work. I lost about 10 pounds and felt good, but lost focus when the work group fell apart.

6. Start planning my wedding for spring 2012. This also didn't happen. While we're still working towards it, I'm not sure if it was a good goal to make, since I have little control over it. It will happen when it happens.

7. Start training for my first marathon. I'm heading to Disney on Friday, and can't wait to cross that finish line on Sunday!!

8. Work less weekends. I managed to do this. I stopped working my per diem job, and worked only 1-2 saturdays a month. I spent more time running, riding, and enjoying time with Kevin.

9. Raise more than $1,000 for Run to Home Base 9K. I raised over $1,000 with help from friends and family & bloggers!

2012 Goals

1. Half Marathon PR & Sub 30 5K. I'm hoping I can make my RnR DC a new PR, if not there's a few races I have my eye on for the fall. I may have to hunt down some 5Ks, but hopefully with speedwork working toward a faster half, I can speed up for my 5Ks as well.

2. Complete an Olympic Distance Triathlon. This time I'm serious. I have a couple on my radar. Most specifically Rev3 Maine or Quassy. There's a couple other local ones I'm considering as well.

3. Run, Bike, Swim 1,500 miles combined. Instead of a running only focused goals, I want to include all 3 sports more, and especially get my darn butt in the pool more!

4. Focus on healthy eating, feeling good, and getting to a happy weight. I don't want to say "goal" weight, so I won't be disappointed if I don't get there. I want to think about it in a positive way, and work my best at losing weight and becoming more healthy.

5. Save more money. I need to work on spending less on my credit cards, and socking some money away each month. I would like to triple my rainy day account.

6. Do some home improvements. Specifically, I want to install a kitchen backsplash & finish the basement.

7. Become more even-tempered. Avoid emotional meltdowns, excessive anxiety, and over-reacting to situations. I want to work on dealing with problems more calmly, and dealing with not calm people calmly as well.

8. Look for ways to be happier work wise. This past year has been miserable for the most part at work. A coworker and I are working together on this one. We want to either figure out how to be happier with our current workplace, find a new workplace, or become a little more serious about the idea for a new company we came up with. Our medical director loved the idea, and asked for a business plan, so we're planning to work on that.

Don't forget to check out my 2011 year in review, HERE!

What are your goals for 2012?


kimert said...

I love the ideas of goals too. When people ask if I make resolutions..Nope, but I do have goals for 2012! GOod luck meeting yours! I know you will do great. :)


Jenn said...

Man I could really join you on the "spend less money" and "become more even tempered" goals. Both things I really struggle with - you have some great goals there, can't wait to hear your progress!!

Penny said...

I cant really say I have goals for 2012. The only thing I am committed to so far is Grandma's Martathon in June. The rest I just wait and see what happens. I figure I get enough running in just by training for a marathon, plus I not a big fan of racing. It make me to nervous at the starting line. Marthons are good for me,because you dont have to race fast. I like taking my time, for the most part. I think goals are great,but they are just not for me. I try to just listen to my heart and what the man up above wants me to do with my running.

Good Luck at Disney. Your going to do awesome. Cant wait to hear all about it.

Anonymous said...

Hello fellow Tough Chik! Looks like you have some great goals for 2012. Good luck! I'm looking forward to reading about them!

Teamarcia said...

All the best with reaching your goals! Good luck land have fun at Disney this weekend--looks like youll have cool weather.

My Daily Journey to Share said...

How exciting about this weekend. A marathon! How do you feel? I know you are going to do great. Cant wait to read all about it. Erica

Wells L said...

Your 2011 was pretty amazing. You are smokin' fast 2:19 half PR - goodness girl - that's just awesome! I know your 2012 will be even more amazing.

Good luck at Disney this weekend. Enjoy everything about it!!! Soak it in and enjoy your FIRST marathon - you only get one first! Woo - girl, you've put so much into it - I know you'll do fantastically!!!