70.3 Here I come!

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There is a lot of excitement & nervousness in my head right now.
I have wanted to do a 70.3 for over a year now, but the timing just never seemed right. We were unsure of our wedding plans, and I didn't want to undertake training for this big of a race while trying to plan that. One thing I knew, I wanted to get one under my belt before we have kids. So after some discussion the other night, we decided to put off our wedding another year and for me to train for a 70.3. 

The butterflies started.

A long swim, a long bike ride. The only part I feel confident about is the half marathon at the end. However, reading books like You are an Ironman and 17 hours to glory inspire me to do it. And weirdly enough, my miserable attempt at the marathon is the major reason why I have the confidence to do it. Knowing that I was able to be out there for 6+ hours made me realize 7-8 hours broken up into different sports wouldn't be that bad. It made me realize that I can tough it out, even when I'm struggling. It taught me that "The only one that can tell you that you can't is you, and you don't have to listen."

I am beyond nervous, but really excited. Kevin has promised to accompany me on training rides, and maybe even a run or 2. He told me he'd do whatever I needed to be successful, which is just what I needed to hear. 

I can totally do this.

The jump from Sprint distance to half iron seems big, so I'm hoping to add an Olympic somewhere along the way. The tough part now, is picking which race to do.

August 26, 2012
The August date gives me plenty of time to train & time to get in an Olympic distance race before the big day.
The elevation for the bike & run look great, but I am beyond nervous about an ocean water swim. The only time I swim in the ocean is on vacation. I don't have access to the ocean to practice regularly (not that I typically practice in open water often), although I suppose I could make a couple trips to the beach to purposely train. Swimming is my strongest sport, but my least confident.
The location is great, we could make a nice long weekend of it.
There are a few other awesome bloggers racing that I would LOVE to meet. Jason @ CookTrainEatRace & Jen @Miles Muscles & Mommyhood.

October 7, 2012
The late date would realllly give me a long time to train.
downside is a longer drive (6+ hours), but the possibility to see Kevin's brother and nephews.
We would definitely drive down, so that would add on extra time off from work.
The swim is in a lake, the hills on the bike & run look a little tougher.

June 3, 2012
The date is not far away, so there wouldn't be a ton of time to train.
The location is relatively close to home. The closest of any of the races, so traveling would be much easier.
There is lots to do while I'm racing, so Kevin won't get too bored, he could ride rides and whatnot.
The swim is in a lake, but the bike & run course seem to have pretty good size & frequent hills. I watched a youtube video of Tara from biggest loser saying it was one of the toughest rides of her life. uh oh. It is only a little over an hour away, so in theory I could practice both the ride & run beforehand.

August 19, 2012
Nice late date for training.
Lake Swim, but big 3-9% grade inclines on the bike. I've heard it is an extremely hilly course, but seems like it will be very scenic.
Could turn into a long weekend vacation.

September 30, 2012
Plenty of time for training.
Not a horrible driving distance for the race.
Calm swim, pretty good hills on the bike and run.

June 24, 2012
4+ hour drive.
Calm swim, hilly bike & run.
One of my Tough Chik teammates is doing this race.

I am overwhelmed with options.
I wish there was a course with a calm swim and limited bike/run hills.
I'm leaning toward Rev3 Maine as my top choice.

give me your thoughts/feedback!
What do you think?

Here's to 70.3 in 2012!!


Katye said...

I am NOT a triathlete but I work in a running specialty store in Baltimore and we attend Half/Full every year and I have lots of friends who do it. The hills are there, but rolling (enough to give your legs a break on the bike), its a great time of year in MD

Sadly, I know nothing about the rest of them

Nicole said...

I have no advice, I just wanted to say way to go on deciding to go for it! Go with your gut, it sounds like you know which one you'd prefer to do. So exciting!

Lisa J said...

woo how exciting to dip into a new distance. Unfortunately Im a horrible swimmer so I doubt any 70.3 or even tris would be in my future. From what I'm told from other competitors is that if you can gain the most ground by being a good runner and just a mediocre swimmer and biker.... but thats all i heard (don't even know if it true or not)

Julie @ ROJ Running said...

Wow big decisions! So exciting though. If I get the all clear from my DR I think I'm going to do one as well. I'm looking at the REV3 at Cedar Point since I don't live too far from there and have heard good things about it.

Elle said...

Wahooo! Awesome to have your fiance's support. So happy for you and will look forward to reading as you train.

Aimee said...

No matter what you choose I know you will do great. You are so inspiring! What a tough decision. They all sound great. I love to swim, but generally do not like swimming in the ocean. However, for some strange reason I would prefer an ocean swim for a triathlon than a lake swim. I can't really explain it. So the Rev3 Maine gets my vote.

Can't wait to hear your final decision. Good luck!

Wells L said...

I'm in no position to offer advice. I do think it's awesome you're taking time and thinking through the decision -it's a big one worthy of great consideration. I have no doubt you'll make a great choice! Good luck . . . can't wait to see what you decide and follow you along on your training!

On the Right Track said...

I say you go with your gut and do the first one in Maine...

good Luck with your training...very impressive!

Jamie said...

I just found your blog through Run to the Finish and I'm excited that you are going to attempt a 70.3!

My husband and I would like to one day do an Ironman so I am excited to follow your journey!

I am in Rochester, NY so Syracuse isn't too far from me but I grew up in Maine so the Old Orchard Beach one sounds good too!

H Love said...

This is very exciting! I have just done one sprint tri but being HURT has my wheels turning. 70.3 one day maybe! Looking forwrad to your journey!

Suzy said...

You'll do great no matter which you choose to do. I'd love to do a 70.3...but I should probably do a sprint first.

Michelle said...

No advice here - just wanted to say that I'm really excited for you that you're going to do this! Looking forward to following your training!

Megan said...

I don't have any advice, but I am SO excited for you! Can't wait to follow you along in your training and race!

Karen said...

AWESOME. Simply Awesome :) My best advice is to pick the race that really seems the most special to you. If you like a bunch of friends around, pick something close to home. If you want an easy bike or easy run, check out the course profiles and find one that seems to fit that need. In the end, it is going to be the best feeling you have ever had crossing that finish line no matter which race you choose!