Gone for a RUN review!

Remember when I posted my Top 5 Gone for a RUN gift ideas, HERE?

Originally, the post was supposed to be a review of their amazing Bib Coasters, which I got to give to my brother as a christmas gift. Then I found out he read my blog... so I waited until after christmas to share his awesome gift.

I love all Gone for a RUN goodies, so when the Bib Coasters caught my eye, I was obsessed! It seemed like the perfect way to commemorate a memorable race bib in a functional way. Plus it would make for an excellent conversation starter/bragging tool. I started thinking about how I couldn't wait to get my Disney Marathon bib turned into coasters after I ran.

Then, as I started thinking of christmas gifts, I just knew that my brother would love it to show off to friends/remind him of how awesome he is for finishing his first marathon. With a little help from his girlfriend to secure a photo of the Hartford Marathon Race Bib (Read about my brother's journey to the marathon HERE), I emailed it to the folks at Gone for a RUN & waited for it to arrive!

my brother's bib in coasters!

The coasters are 4 separate 4x4 marble squares with a high quality print of your bib on the front. Arrange them like a puzzle, or spread the love and share them around the house to prevent rings on the wood tables. The back of the coasters is made from cork to protect your furniture. I love that they look slightly distressed with the natural crack or contoured surface of the marble underneath the print. 

My brother loved the coasters!
christmas morning!
I also ordered him a Gone for a RUN ornament, that I had personalized with his Hartford Marathon time. I wish I had remembered to get a picture of his, but here it is on the website.
I personalized the bib with his Hartford time.
What else did I order for gifts from Gone for a RUN?

for my running parter
for myself
next on my list? A charm for my pandora... maybe

Definitely head over to Gone for a RUN to do a little shopping for yourself or for a gift. I guarantee you will NOT be disappointed!


Wells L said...

Great review of the products - I am such a chump. I didn't know they used a copy of the bib - I always hated to give up my real bib, but now knowing it's just a copy - HECK YEAH! Awesome information - GREAT gift idea! Love that!!! Thanks! Super post! Good luck this weekend. I would be blogging about how I'm FREAKING out, but you seem so calm - good for you!! you go girl!

Tri Chic ~ Jury said...

Love love love the coasters!!! what an awesome gift, great review :)

Annette@(running)In the Right Direction said...

Those are all such cute ideas! Going to check that site out...I really liked the coasters and the race bling holders.

kimert said...

I love that site! Love all the items you posted. Those coasters look awesome.