Disney Marathon Race Report (Part 3)

Onto Part 3, but first....
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Excitement. Overwhelming exhaustion. Confidence. Disbelief.
I am so badass! Did I really just finish that race?
I sat on the ground and peeled off my shoes & CEP socks to let my poor, swollen piggies breathe.
Soon the family came over for hugs and congratulations.
I convinced Kevin to peel me an orange since that was the only food that sounded good. It tasted amazing.

Not long after, we headed to the bus line, which thank god was way shorter than the day before. We headed back to the hotel, where my brother forced me to ice bath. Now, I've never taken a "real" ice bath. I took a half assed one once with a small bowl of ice, but this time I squealed and screamed as kevin dumped 3 trash cans full of ice into the tub. Then I sat for 12 minutes until I couldn't stand it anymore.

After the ice bath and a foot and leg massage from my number one supporter, I was feeling much better. I was still going through box after box of kleenex, and using Afrin like it was going out of style, but I was able to stomach a Click protein shake. After my brother was done with his ice bath, we headed to Magic Kingdom to celebrate thanks to my mom as our reward.

I wore my medal with pride around the park. We went straight to the Sweet Shoppe to get mammoth ice cream sandwiches, my first real solid food of the day. A showed me these sandwiches after Disney Princess last year, and I just knew I had to have one.

We followed Ice cream with rides. Space Mountain was closed, but we went on Buzz LightYear, The People Mover, Pirates of the Caribbean, and my favorite Haunted Mansion. Which holds a special place in my heart, since this was the ride I waited in line for when I first found out about the Disney Marathon, and began dreaming of completing it one day myself.

Part of the new Haunted Mansion Graveyard

We saw more construction for the new Fantasyland, which makes me want to come back as soon as its done of course. After rides, we headed to the Polynesian for dinner at the Kona Cafe. We had to wait a while for our reservation, so we enjoyed cocktails at the bar first. The dinner was the best one we'd had at Disney so far. I had a delicious shrimp and noodle dish, and finished up with Pineapple Whip for dessert in the Polynesian downstairs.

Kevin and I had to run to Downtown Disney to pick up my custom Disney Marathon ornament, before heading back to the hotel. We decided to sleep in and not set an alarm until 9. I think we ended up awake at 8ish or so, and I was so happy to have a full night's sleep. We checked out, and headed out to Port Canaveral to catch our cruise ship, the Monarch of the Seas.

I was still not feeling great, but the Marathon seemed to beat the worst of it out of me. Problem? I seemed to pass it along to S, then Kevin too.

Day 1 on the ship, my brother and I went for a quick 2ish mile jog around the track on the ship. My legs felt great, and it was nice to get moving feeling a little better.

Day 2, we all went to Spinning at 8am before docking at Cocoa Cay. We had a great day of snorkeling, sunbathing, relaxing, walking, drinking.

Day 3, we had to move rooms because our air conditioner broke. Our new room was right above the club, and all we could hear was music every time we tried to relax. We skipped a workout to move our belongings, and went to Nassau for the day. We enjoyed Conch fritters, crack conch, and plantains, and a few Kaliks. We relaxed on the beach and then hit Senor Frogs for a drink before heading back to the boat.

Beer of the Bahamas!

Can you tell I have a Sparkly Soul headband on? Its my new staple!

Lovin life at Senor Frogs!

We had one more day at sea on the boat. I skipped another workout to sleep in, which was amazing. I was still sickish, but feeling better. Unfortunately, now Kevin was feeling worse. We relaxed by the pool, lost at Bingo, and enjoyed some Red Velvet cupcakes that someone accidentally sent to our room. We also spent way too much time at Guest Relations dealing with our room issues.


Last night at Dinner with Kevin, Jason & his girl

I have never been so happy to get home from a vacation. I think the combination of sickness and poor service made me long for my comfy bed and hours of sleep. I would not recommend the Monarch of the Seas to anyone. After a loooooong day at Orlando airport (11 hours before out plane left), we finally made it home after 12am, and crashed.

Kevin & I are both finally feeling better, and looking forward to our next vacation.... 
Whenever that will be!


Jenn(ie) said...

I love that bathing suit! Where is it from?

Wells L said...

I just have to take a second to say . . . LOOK AT YOU!!! Girl - look at you in that bathing suit!!! Look how fit and tone and amazing you look! Look how far you've come!!!! Wow - smoking (not in a I'm so gay for you kinda way, but in a OMG girl -you're kicking butt and taking names impressed kinda way!!!).

You are a marathoner! A marathoner. YOU went 26.2 miles - WOOO! Wish you knew me so you would know that I literally yelled out loud in my living room (much to my husband's dismay) that I just yelled WOOOOOOOO! Yes - you did that and it's so awesome!

Congrats on an awesome marathon - way to overcome the illness and everything else to truly push yourself to the very edge and overcome!!!! WOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

My Daily Journey to Share said...

A marathon runner!!!! Wow I hope to add that to my name one day. In a few weeks I will be a half marathon!! Great job on you run but also for a pushing thru like no other. That was great and took a lot more push. Your trip really had its ups and downs but it shows no matter how hard you train somethings are out of your control so be prepared! Great job, Erica

Kayla said...

Sounds like a good trip except for the room problems on the cruise and the being sick! Not going to lie, you are making me super excited for my disney trip/cruise next month!! Congrats again! You rock! :)

Megan said...

You look SO awesome in that bathing suit! Rock it, girl! And I am so proud of you! I just told DH the other day that if I train for a marathon or a half marathon, it's gotta be a Disney race!

Penny said...

That ice cream sandwich looks amazing. It makes me hungry. SO to hear the cruise wasnt that great. Hopefully the next one will be better. I not a water person so cruise would not be for me. Hell I'm actually a home body.

Aimee said...

You are so photogenic Stephanie! Sorry to hear the service on the cruise was so bad. The beach and the water look refreshing.

I'm jealous of your after marathon eats. I had little appetite the rest of the day and by the time my appetite kicked in we were on the road to Ft. Lauderdale.

I'm glad you made it home safely.