Would you run that marathon?

Tonight I spend 1 hour and 40 min on my trainer, with a huge chunk of time spent watching the Biggest Loser Marathon Episode.

I haven't watched this season at all, but I wanted to watch as for the first time, every contestant ran the marathon for a chance to have a guaranteed spot in the finale and some pretty awesome cash prizes. Straight from the start I thought they looked underprepared in their cotton tshirts, lack of sunglasses in the hot sunny desert, and no fuel or water on them. 

Now I understand a lot of it is for TV. I'm sure there's a van following each contestant ready to give them water or whatever else they needed. I absolutely could not believe the conditions and the landscape of the marathon. The most un-scenic view, 40mph winds with dirt & debris flying in their faces, uneven dirt roads, in the middle of the desert. At least in years past, they've run along the coast with beautiful views, had friends & family join them, and have much better weather conditions. I would never choose to run their marathon. AWFUL. I feel angry that Biggest Loser made these contestants who have barely exercised for 3 months complete a marathon is way less than ideal conditions. 

Did you watch the Biggest Loser Marathon?
What do you think about their racing conditions?

Last night I had crazy dreams as a result of reading everyone's Rock N Roll Vegas Race Reports. I had dreams that I was at a horribly organized race with a half marathon, full marathon, and a bike race all at once. I was riding the bike race, with only 55 other people, and was rushing at the last minute to get the right gear on, and then had to weave around runners as I rode my bike throughout the course. So weird! I tried to stay asleep long enough to see what happened, but I woke up near the beginning of the race. I wonder how it turned out?

Ever have crazy race dreams?

I missed TRX this morning to try and work on feeling better, and it worked! I feel great, and managed a 24 mile trainer ride after work while watching biggest loser. Tomorrow I have a 10 mile tempo run scheduled, and we're supposed to get some snow overnight. I'm aiming to head to bed early so I can be at the gym the minute it opens. I'm afraid I won't have time to get all 10 miles in before work, but I'll try to do what I can.

What do you do if you don't have time to get all your scheduled miles in?

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Run with Jess said...

I love the BL Marathon - always look forward to that show. I was in shock that they were having them run such a horrible course. No one could pay me enough to run that. No one deserves their 1st to be like that.

Aimee said...

I just watched BL marathon on Hulu and I was thinking the same thing. That was ridiculous, everything about it was horrible.

Sometimes if I can't finish a planned run I will tack the added mileage onto another run during the week or I will trade runs, do a shorter run today and a longer run later in the week when I can fit it in.

Good luck on your run in the morning.

Suz and Allan said...

I really enjoyed the BL marathon but I did think the course conditions were HORRIBLE and boring.

I have crazy dreams all the time and oddly enough I dreamed about Vegas too after reading all the race reports. I was lost on the strip and couldn't find anyone I knew!

Heather @ Just a Colorado Gal said...

I've quit watching BL but I did tune in last night just for the marathon. I think they're starting to push it too far with these contestants--a marathon is a lot for anyone, especially, coming back from such unhealthy situations, but then to put them on THAT course?! Sheesh!

Just Jen said...

I agree . I was upset that they had them running in those conditions as well. Right away I said what a boring run.

Wells L said...

Thank you for this post! I too have missed this season of BL, BUT I tuned in last night and was SHOCKED at the conditions they were running their marathon in - WHO does that? Why would anyone do that? NUTS! No fans cheering them on let alone shade or wind blocking or as you pointed out fuel or water with them. NUTS!!! Completely NUTS!!! Non runners watching that may have easily been misled that "that's what a marathon is all about" and will as a result never consider taking up running - kind of a shame, I think!

I also think it was tragic the doc pulled the one contestant off the course with only 3 miles left to go - really? Limp for 3 more miles, seriously - tape it up, ice it down, sit for a minute, slow down, pick a strategy, but really was pulling him off necessary with only 3 more to go (the man went 23 miles - whatever "damage" was already done by the 23 previous miles) - my heart ached for him.

Nicole said...

That marathon did look awful, I'm sure that as far as fuel and water go they had lots, just not on camera. But those conditions were awful, ugly, dry, high winds, yuck! And you are right about the family, they had family and friends at all the other runs, it really was a crappy one this time.

Anonymous said...

I ran a race out here in California that was a half marathon and a 5K. My fiance and I were running the 5 K. We show up a little less than an hour before the start-no problem, it was a relatively small race. As we are pulling into the venue, we immediately find our car surrounded by people-the half marathon walkers! They put the start line directly into the path of traffic coming into the parking lot! It was totally dangerous and confusing!

misszippy said...

I haven't watched BL in quite some time, but have to say, I always think they are a little irresponsible in having these people try a marathon! This one sounds particularly bad!!

Finallyfit2011 said...

I've been following the BL all season & that's the first thing I said to my son! "That is worst marathon course EVER"!!! Those poor people :\ Talk about booooring!!!

H Love said...

I watched and I felt horrible. WIND and SAND...ugh! Definitely didn't make running look fun!

So excited for DISNEY for you!! BIG dream of mine...one day!!

Kim said...

That marathon looked miserable. I Don't know if a spot in e finale would gave been worth th heat, lack of scenery, or wind that those contestants faced. I am proud of the 60+ folks finished the race together. They finished strong knowing that there was no way they could possibly beat the <30 yr old group