Three Things Thursday!

1. This morning I managed 8 of the 10 scheduled tempo miles before my time ran out before work. My plan is to get the additional 2 in tomorrow morning, and then work on getting in at least part of the speedwork I missed when I was sick on tuesday.

2. I found out my Bib # for Disney!! 5368! I think there are a bunch of bloggers racing marathon weekend in the half, the full and goofy. Are you going?? Is there a blogger meet up scheduled at all? If not yet, who wants to get together?  I'll be getting there Friday morning, and leaving Monday morning to get to the cruise port for my cruise to the Bahamas!

3. Ironman World Championships are on on Saturday on NBC! 4:30pm my time, I plan on riding the trainer and watching after I get home from work. I couldn't be more excited to watch and get excited to Tri season!

I'm happy to be feeling better and back in the game (minus the peppermint ice cream I ate tonight haha)


Meg O @watchmegorun said...

nice job on getting in 8 of 10 tempo runs! So exciting you'll be doing disney then going to the bahamas. I'm very jealous.

Suz and Allan said...

Great job! I may actually get to watch the Ironman World Championships. I should probably go and set the DVR right now to be safe!

Karien said...

Oeeeeeeee, Disney Marathon Weekend and then the Bahamas... Sounds like bliss to me!! Enjoy!!

Wells L said...

I agree with Karian!!!! Eeek your bib number for Disney makes it feel so much more real doesn't it? I'm so happy to hear your training went well. Great job!

Aimee said...

Yeah bib numbers! I got mine too. I would love to meet up at Disney sometime before the race. The only possible blogger meet up I have heard about is from Chelsey at She hasn't mentioned any details yet.

I hope you're having a good weekend and training is going well.

Penny said...

Way to get that tempo run in and some speed work. I cant believe that the Disney marathon is almost here and than the Bahamas girl. Way a to finish off a marathon with relaxation. I so hope some day I can do the Disney Marathon.
Stephanie you are the winner of CLICK. Email me with your address and I will forward it to Click. That a girl.