Disney Dining & week 14 recap!

I booked our dining reservations for Disney!

Friday Morning we'll be flying from Hartford to Orlando, then checking in at Port Orleans. Then off to the Expo! Dinner will be at Portobellos at Downtown Disney to get my mom & brother ready for the Half Marathon!
Saturday I'll be spectating the Half Marathon (my first spectating race!), then we have a wide open day. We still haven't decided if we want to hit a park at all while we're there. Saturday night we're eating at Wolfgang Puck's Cafe to get ready for the Marathon in the morning!
Sunday is Marathon day! I would love to go on a drinking binge at Epcot following, but I'm not sure how I'll feel afterwards, so we're not making any plans quite yet.

What are your favorite non-park activities at Disney?

Today was Kevin's birthday!
I had the day off so we could celebrate. I took him out to breakfast after my TRX class, then to the mall for christmas exchanges, then back to play some xbox kinect (my christmas gift to him), finished up by a fabulous dinner at one of our favorite italian places. He just left for drinks out with some friends while I start packing and looking at cruise activities!

Marathon Training Week 14 Recap
Monday- I was planning on getting in my additional 4 that I missed in the 16/20 sunday. I was exhausted in the morning, and couldn't get up to run. After work, I headed to the gym, only to see the parking lot FILLED with cars. Making me think of the time I would waste to go in and find no free treadmills. I went home instead & did a 6 mile bike ride on the trainer.
Tuesday- Treadmill Speedwork for a little over 5 miles with 800ms, knee and speed felt great. An awesome confidence boosting run after the failed 20 miler.
Wednesday- TRX Circuit. Felt awesome the whole time through.
Thursday- 5 miles at mid-tempo pace of 5.9mph. Fast, but doable, I felt great!
Friday- Early morning to breakfast with the coworkers before work to say goodbye to my student. We went to a friends house that night, but came home early since I was planning my long run for Saturday.
Saturday- Christmas Eve! Only 25 degrees out again. My brother was heading out for 16 outside & invited me along. I only had 13 on my schedule and was dreading the cold. I killed my 13 on the treadmill instead.
Sunday- No exercise unless you count stuffing my face, and unwrapping gifts at both my parents houses on christmas!

Nutrition- FAIL on the working on reducing sweets! This time of year is too hard!! I am working on a christmas detox, although with Kevin's bday celebration it didn't go well today. Tomorrow is another day.

This weeks runs have been going well, and I'm looking forward to the race.
10 days left!


My Daily Journey to Share said...

Best of luck!! I have 11 weeks for my first half marathon!! Erica

Elizabeth said...

our team is eating there on Saturday night! I will be wearing my purple for TNT all weekend long. I hope I get to see you!

Aimee said...

I will also be spectating the half. We are traveling with friends; one is running the 5K and the other is doing the half. I'm so excited that I will also have a little cheering section during the marathon. I will need it! Your dining plans sound great. I haven't even thought about it. I have a picky 5 year old to contend with.

I am definitely in need of a detox after the holiday sugar shock. When will I learn that my body doesn't feel good when I eat crap.

Hope you have a great New Years!!

Penny said...

I didnt realize that the half was on a different day than the marathon. That is so cool, that way you get to see your mom and brother run. I so happy for you doing your first marathon. You are going to do awesome. I look forward to hearing all about when you get home.

Jenn said...

You are kicking butt considering the holidays & all of the other "things" that tend to get in the way of training this time of year. You are going to rock Disney!!

Mary-Michael said...

I am loving reading about your disney-planning, as we are getting ready and planning the same things! :)

Mary-Michael said...

I am loving reading about your disney-planning, as we are getting ready and planning the same things! :)