Here comes 2012!

I'm feeling so behind on everything!

I really wanted to recap my 2011 goals and post my new ones for 2012, and I'm running out of time for this year! I'm heading to work now, and then off to the Casino to celebrate the new year's arrival. Hopefully, once I get home Sunday, I'll have some time to spend with the blog, and sharing my plans for the next year.

The last 2 days have been a wash on workouts. Thursday, I was so tired, and the knee was achy from TRX. I ran a mile at the gym, then came home showered, and went back to bed for an hour before work. Then Friday I set my alarm for PM instead of AM... nice! I'm getting in my longrun today after work, then hopefully the 5-6 of my tempo run I missed Thursday on Sunday. 

Add that to the mountain of things to get done before Disney & I'm stressing!!
In fact, I asked for the day off before I leave now, so I can be a little calmer about getting everything done.

I'm looking for guest bloggers while I'm away on vacation! Any takers? Leave me a comment or email me at sgrigely at hotmail.

Have fun ringing in the New Year, & I'll see you all in 2012!


Aimee R. said...

I know how you're feeling. I'm starting to feel like I won't even have time to pack for Disney. We leave on Wednesday morning and I am working all weekend and Monday. I do have Tuesday night off thank goodness. I'm a jumble of nervous and excited. Psyched about the weather so far! Have a wonderful New Year celebration.

Michelle said...

I'd love to be your guest blogger! I just wrote an article for our local paper about my journey to get to Boston! Happy to share! Enjoy your trip!

Wells L said...

Even if you don't have a chance to blog about it right now, do take a deep breath and remember the good that came to you in 2011 and embrace the blank slate that is coming for 2012.
Have fun on your run!

Happy New Year!

misszippy said...

Life gets crazy sometimes and gets in our way of exercise. Hope you have a nice NYE and can enjoy a fantastic trip!

CupCake@ Bigger Girls Can Run Too said...

Believe me, I know how stressful things can get!! But, I hope you have a fantastic new year and a wonderfully magical time at Disney!! (JEALOUS!!)

HAVE FUN and hopefully see you in 2012!!