Speed Bumbs

today's quote:

"Don't question reality. When something bad happens, it's better to embrace it and do something about it than to be lost in regrets."

Things do not always go the way we plan. There are small speed bumps and huge mountains that on occasion will make our goals seem impossible. One problem many of us have, is getting hung up on those bad moments. The piece of cake you had at the birthday party, the missed workout to sleep in, The forgotten training session due to the family emergency (or even plain laziness), those are moments not to be stressed over. Spending time worrying over and obsessing over the bad stuff prevents us from making a plan of attack to avoid it happening again. So next time you indulge in a desert, or skip a workout, recognize it, then get over it. Then start thinking about how you can make sure it doesn't happen again.

I did 2 great things today. #1, I actually made it to the pool, and #2, I signed up for my first Sprint Tri race of the season in 4 weeks! The Ludlow Sherrif Sprint triathlon. It is a 300 yard swim, 9 mile bike & 3 mile run, so it should be a good first race of the year. I decided to sign up as Athena and am hoping to kick ass and take first place!

The bad?
I forgot my sneakers to do my weightlifting after swimming. Can't weight lift in sandals, and didn't realize until after I had changed completely. bummer. I did well with my eating until hitting the bar after work with a few coworkers. 2 beers, a little bar popcorn later and I am at home snacking mindlessly until Kevin gets home and I can make dinner. Please someone tell me how to get in the right frame of mind!  I'm trying to just learn and move forward, so someone help me get the motivation I need to eat clean!

I promise to have my Cherry Blossom race recap and a Pearl Izumi review done soon for you guys!


Anonymous said...

Thanks, you inspired me to go do my leg strengthening exercises! Sometimes you got roll with the punches.

Wells L said...

Popcorn is a whole grain - so it's a good snack choice . . . not a complete loss :) Hang in there girl - get more things right then wrong and you'll end up ahead in the end!!! Congrats on signing up for your first sprint tri - woot!!!

Penny said...

Try not to beat your self up so bad. You are doing great. Hopefully signing up for your first tri will help motivate you. It time like this we just need to hold on and go with the flow. It will make you stronger in the long run.

Shawn said...

I think you are doing great, hang in there!

Jogging with Fiction said...

Don't beat yourself up! Popcorn is good for you, choc full of fiber :)

I used to always forget important items when I went to the gym. I once had to run on the treadmill in boyshort underwear because I forgot my shorts.

Mary-Michael said...

I agree! Weight-loss and fitness is one of those areas in which there will never be perfection. You will always have slip ups or things you could have done that didn't get done....but you just have to keep moving forward and try to have more good days than bad days. The only thing you can't do is give up! Congrats on your 2 Great Things! Both of those are fabulous!!