First or last?

My Tri top!
2 different feelings today on racing. This weekend's race I am pumped about, so excited to get out there. To top it off, the triathlon top I bought last year fits a little better and I think I'm going to wear it Sunday! I guess I got all worked up over a red top for nothing. While boosting my confidence looking at last years race results, I went to check out last year's results for the tri I was planning on in June. I am pretty sure I may come in last place! How depressing! They have a super sprint category as well, but I/m kinda bummed out now. I certainly don't want to finish a race in last place!

This morning I headed over to my alma matter to help with student practical exams, before they all head out on their PT affiliations. I had been creeping on the local triathlon club's website, and saw that one of the PT professors leads the Monday night ride. I have been super anxious about joining the club, because I hate meeting new people (anxiety about being liked), and I have no idea how to ride with a group. She assured me that it wasn't a tough ride, and that they could probably teach me a lot. So I think I'm gonna go for it!

I also have a patient who is a cyclist. So in exchange for my fabulous treatment skills, he is giving me cycling advice. Today we were talking about cadence. I recently got a cadence sensor to go with my garmin, so he told me after my ride last night, to check what my cadence was and we'd talk. I was at an average of 70ish, which I had no idea was good or bad. I was always under the assumption that you wanted to have a good amount of resistance as you pedal because it would take you further. He explained to me that actually increasing my cadence at a lower resistance will keep my legs from tiring and help me go faster. Add it to the list of things I don't know, since I taught myself! I'm always looking to learn...

What's the best cycling advice you have for me?
(or running or swimming)

This morning I slept through the alarm & missed my workout, and again today I am feeling drained by afternoon. What is my deal lately. Off to lounge and do a little stretching!!


Lisa said...

while I haven't every been last, i've been 4th to last a few times and that's pretty close to last. as it turns out, it's not such a bad thing!

Karen said...

Cute tri top!!! :0) Good luck on the race this weekend!

Whitney said...

I was once last in a race with about 1/2 mile left to go. It definitely gave me motivation to pick it up and I slowly picked off a few people so that I didn't end up last. Good luck in your tri!

Wells L said...

First off, I liked you from the first time I read your blog - you're awesome - what's not to like. Screw the other people if they don't like you. Be the confident woman you are in your blog. Be the professional woman you are during the day. Be the amazing athelete that has accomplished more than 9/10s of obese America. Yeah - be that girl!!! You'll be great in the group!!!!

Second, kick ass at your race this weekend and in June. Last doesn't feel good (trust me) -but it's not the end of the world. You still have a huge accomplishment to your credit and you still get the same shirt or medal or whatever. A shirt I saw once said "First or last, it's the same finish line". If you are last - use the race as a chance to learn and refine - use it as a way to enhance your routine so the next time you can kill it!!!!

Lastly - what a great shirt! Yep - purple, who needs red anyway!!! Good luck!!!

JenniferLeah said...

Best wishes for a great race this weekend!!

Advice about cycling? well, I have been taking a triathlon based cycling class over the winter and the biggest pc of advice that Charles is always handing out is form while pedaling.
You are not mashing the pedal DOWN, it is more of a circular motion with the foot. His words? pretend you are scraping gum off the bottom of your shoe, pulling UP with the back of your foot and pushing the toe forward.
We also do a lot of drills-one foot pedaling, cadenace drills. Avg candance is usually around 90 but we do sets of 100, 115, 120. He says if you can maintain proper cycling form at 120 rpm--90 will be a pc of cake!!

I highly suggest group riding so glad to see you will do that. I have found that everyone I have met thru triathlon has been awesome so no worries Steph! You will learn a lot in a group setting and it'll also push you!

Good luck

Running Ricig said...

I don't really have any cycling advise, but I know the drained feeling. I've had it all week! hopefully once I get used to the new season's weather, I'll be back in action!

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

group anxiety is what kept me away for years. However once I moved to miami it was the only way to meet people, so I sucked it up and decided to go.. it's hard to approach people but the best thing I have ever done for myself

Anonymous said...

You won't be last. I guarantee you someone DNSs.

That's great the tri top fits better this time around - it's really cute too! :)