Climb the ladder

todays quote

"Each goal is like a rung on a ladder that helps you climb, step by step, to the top"

I like setting goals. I like making lists, because everytime I get to cross something off I feel accomplished. Setting goals gives me something to work for (check out my 2011 goals HERE), and reminds me of what I'm working toward. If each goal is a rung on a ladder, then each race, training workout, healthy day of eating is leading me to somewhere. What's at the top of my ladder? Overall health & fitness. Weight-loss. Self-confidence. Each goal I set for myself is getting me there bit by bit.

What's at the top of your ladder & what are your rungs to get there?

My weekend had me take a tumble down that ladder. After friday's delicious dinner out, I started to climb back out. Healthy eating, and my first outdoor ride of the season! I wanted to go out for a while, but Kevin and I headed out together & after tackling some killer hills we headed in and finished at 40 min. Sunday, I had a bridal shower for one of my old co-workers. Bellinis and a fabulous brunch, lead to skipping my long run. But I did clean my house for a couple hours, and must have burned a few calories at least doing that! 

Today is a new day.
I swam today, focused on my technique. I remembered my sneakers, and did some weight training. I ate healthy (minus the chocolate chip cookies when I got home). Then, I went for an easy 2 miler with Kevin! He is a sporadic runner, so when he suggested it (nice weather will do that to you), I jumped at the chance to go out together! We did 1 mile to the park, walked a little & sat down to watch the ducks, then headed back. We ran the whole first mile, and took a couple walk breaks for the second one. I was proud of him for pulling a double session too since he dragged his but to the gym this morning too! I guess he's climbing his ladder to health too.

Crossing my fingers I don't fall off the ladder!


Annette@(running)In the Right Direction said...

My goal...Hamptons Marathon in September. Now all I have to do is fully recover from my injury so I can start training!

Wells L said...

Great quote and really something GREAT to think about . . . what is my top rung and what are my rungs to help me get there. Should probably think about where I eventually want to go and map out a course to get there, huh!! Very thought provoking - hmmmm. Great post!!!

Penny said...

I kind of feel the same way. I have been making excuse for not getting on plan. I have been saying it is because WW doesnt have the tools for me to use the new plan. I realized last night that is how I gained the weight by allowing myself into believing those excuses. The truth for me was I totally was not ready yet. But, today I counted my points and decide I can do this with the old plan who needs the new plan anyway. I have made it threw one day counting and journaling. I too hope this is a good habit that continues tomorrow and the next and the next. So stay strong Steph we will get where we really want to be.

Anonymous said...

My current goal is Cap City Half Marathon, then probably the Columbus or the Emerald City Half Marathon. In the future, I'm going to take on a marathon. I'm not sure when, but I know I will.