Be beautiful!

todays quote:

"Being the best that you can be? That's beautiful..." Tyra Banks

We all want to feel beautiful. Beautiful can come in many different ways. I personally love the idea that being the best you can be is beautiful. Imperfections are perfect, and working hard is beautiful. Every day we face challenges, and some days are better than others. The days where I feel as though I've done the best I can, is when I feel the most beautiful.

When are you the best you can be?

Today was a crazy day. No workout, but plenty of activity of a different sort. Shopping and cleaning! I headed out early to hit Costco and Dick's Sporting Goods. Easter supplies and a race top for next weekend. I was so mad to find no red tops in sight. Not a single one, only pinks, purples, and blue. So mad!! I ended up buying a pink one just in case, then searched online for a while, but nothing that I really liked, or was in my size. Pink it will be, I guess!

Then it was cleaning time! Scrubbed, swiffered, vacuumed, dusted. Did I mention that besides running 8-9 miles, going to church, and going to my dad's house for brunch, that I am cooking Easter dinner? I am making ham (even though I don't eat it), mashed potatoes, green beans, and other goodies for Kevin's family and my roomie. Yikes! I'm praying I don't mess it up, since I have no idea how to cook a ham!!

Food has not been a strong handle for me the past few days. Dinner out last night and tonight. I seriously need to start focusing, I can feel my waistline expanding. not good.

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Bedtime for an early run (go Bruins!)


Holly said...

Good luck! I'm running 8 hopefully really tomorrow as well, last long run before my half next Saturday!!! Fortunately my chicken is going in the crockpot in the morning and we'll hopefully be able to hit up another easter egg hunt at the park in the morning!

Jogging with Fiction said...

Good luck making easter dinner! We're having brunch at my parents' and I'm in charge of dessert, nothing as crazy as learning to bake ham. :)

Anonymous said...

I hope dinner turned out well! I think I made ham once and it wasn't too hard. I'm a terrible cook, so if I did it I'm sure you can too. Happy Easter!

Suzy said...

Wow, Thanks!! Off to see what is left.

Tricia said...

hope you had a great easter!

Shawn said...

You sound like a very busy woman, hope all went well for your Easter dinner.