Training to get started & Nanasitting

My brother ran a 12 mile long run this AM, and I was insanely jealous. go figure. Prior to my surgery I was dreading each long run I had scheduled, making excuses not to go. "Its too cold" "I need to clean the house" "Im too tired". Maybe this surgery will give me a new appreciation & motivation to run when I can get back to it.

When I first decided I was going to run, I couldn't even last 5 minutes! Your starting ability, I have learned, does not dictate what you are ultimately capable of.  Just because you cannot run a mile straight doesn't mean you never will. Clearly I couldn't when I started, and now I've run half marathons.  The secret is to do what you can to start with, and work your way up from there. I would work on the treadmill. Running a little, walking a little, gradually increasing the distance I was able to run continuously. When I decided to run my first 5K, I used the Runner's World Smartcoach that I had seen online. I've used it training for several races, I do much better with a plan in place.

Last night at the party, I did well & ate good foods. Today I am at my mother's house watching my Nana and reverting back to bad eating habits. I think there are just some places that make you think of another time & other behaviors that you had. My mom's house brings me back to the times where I would snack relentlessly & not care about what I was stuffing in my body. So far I polished off a box of flipside crackers & had a small dish of low fat cookie dough ice cream. Maybe part of it is that I don't keep those things in my house. I got back on track eating some berries I brought with me & for lunch had a light english muffin with maple pumpkin butter. Tonight I'm going to dinner for a friend's birthday and my plan is for a salad & a plain baked potato to keep it light & healthy, no cocktails, hopefully early to bed since last night was a late one. wish me luck on my challenges tonight!

My ultimate goal for this Blog this week is to take some full length body pics to post for progress shots along with ::gasp:: posting my weight to help me stay more accountable & hopefully embarrass me enough to take this very seriously. p.s. thank goodness for the autosave on this thing, I almost lost my whole post!

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