And the journey continues....

I can't really say begins. I've been at this game for awhile now, but decided to try a new blogging website to help me accomplish my goals and maybe inspire some others along the way.

A little back story. It all began in January of 2005, I was at Disney World for vacation with my boyfriend Kevin. I weighed in at over 200 pounds. A funny thing happened on that trip, I saw people with mickey mouse medals around their necks. This is what would inspire me to become a runner. Someone who had never run more than a lap around the small high school gym. I wanted to run a half marathon & earn that medal. I also came home looking at pictures & feeling disgusted at the size of myself. I started Weight Watchers 2 weeks later.

6 months later I had lost 40 pounds & ran my first 5k. While the years since then have been a struggle, I have gone on to complete 3 half marathons. The first with the Train to End Stroke program in Kona, HI, my second was in Hartford, CT & my third was that Walt Disney World Half Marathon, earning me a Donald Duck medal.

Weight wise, the years have not been kind. I have put back on all but 15 pounds I lost. I have struggled with many emotional times which have led me to food. My latest problem is foot surgery I had in April, that is keeping me from running. Beautiful running weather, and I can't participate & it is killing me.

I have started this blog with the intentions of journaling my struggles, my inspirations & information to give others for using running & a healthy lifestyle as a successful way to manage your weight & life. Wish me luck!

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