Holiday Weekend

I had a few parties this weekend, and a few strategies to get me through it:

  1. Bring a healthy side dish to the party
  2. Drink water between beers
  3. Drink low calorie beers
  4. Be smart when it comes to party munching
I made the healthy trifle for friday's party. For sunday's party, I made a veggie platter & Harry & David's Pepper & Onion dip with light cream cheese & Stacy's Pita Chips (dangerous but yummy!) I drank water or seltzer water between beers & made friends with MGD 64 on sunday. Only 1 pt per beer!! I was able to have 5 1/2 beers for the same amount of points as 3 Michelob Ultra's would have been. I tried to keep from munching & even brought my own veggie burgers on sunday to eat without buns.  Kevin, my roomate Kerry, & I came home and made Nacho;s though, yikes! although they were somewhat healthy, just chips, salsa, & lowfat cheese. we shared.

Today I spent some time baking Jillian Michael's muffins & working on cleaning my grill. I need to get it ready for summer time. I love to grill so I need it in working order. Unfortunately it is supposed to rain all day tommorow, so no grill fixing, deck staining or garden work tomorrow. Gym and house cleaning i guess. 3 days before my next WI, I need to keep it up!

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Kristen said...

MMMM That all looks so delish! It's definitely lunch time!