Going out!

Yikes! look at those chubby legs! I am trying to find a good full body shot to post as a starting point view from here on out, this is all I have right now!

I like to go out & have fun, who doesn't?! When I was doing well, I would control how much I would drink and eat, lately I have just been eating & drinking whatever I feel like it ( I did the night in that picture). Tonight I'm headed out for a BBQ. Im bringing only 3 light beers and have committed to water & healthy food throughout the night.

I always like to have my hands busy. So my main goal is to switch off to water throughout so I have something in my hands, that isn't zapping calories away. Im making a healthy trifle to bring along, and I'm crossing my fingers my health conscious friend Ashley makes a fruit salad like she usually does.

Stephanie's Healthy Trifle
Angel food cake
Fat free, sugar free vanilla pudding made with skim milk
cool whip free
strawberries & blueberries

Layer in a trifle dish, in that order 3 times! I know it's not Jillian approved, but if I'm tempted for something sweet, it's something fairly good for me, that I know others will eat.

Wish me luck at the party, ill have more time to post tomorrow!

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