Running again?

I went for a run.

It wasn't far, and it wasn't long. 
It wasn't even that fast, but I laced up my shoes and hit the treadmill. 
My goal was 3 miles, and even with running only once over the last 2 months, my regular 5.5mph felt slow. I kicked it up a notch to 6.0mph, and managed only 2 short walk breaks. It felt good to get back to running, I've missed it. The more I think about another 70.3 this June, the more I think about how badly I need to get my running miles up. 

I am amazed at how much the 30 min Jillian Michael's body revolution DVDs are keeping me in good shape and increasing my strength. I figured that run would have been a lot harder. 

Now who wants to fix my nutrition so I can actually drop some more weight?

Have you ever had a long running hiatus?
How was your first run back?
Who wants to help me keep my nutrition on track?!


Erica Elia said...

I am on the same page. I think I must need to sign up for another half marathon so I can at least get motivated. I don't know why but I feel so burned out and just don't care what I eat right now. Well I take that back I do know why I ran 3 Half marathons And a handful of 5K races this year. So that's three different 12 week training programs I was on I guess I am a little burned out. I'm so ready to get my motivation back and get back to eating right.

Aimee said...

Even a 2 week running hiatus has made me feel like I'm starting over again. I feel slow and sluggish my first run back, but I think that is more of a mental thing.

I've got the fitness thing down, but the food is what makes weight loss very slow for me. I love to eat. I eat nutritiously, but I often eat too much. I don't like following a diet because at some point the diet has to end and then what. I am doing WW. I like it because there is nothing off limits. I think journaling what I eat has helped me stay on track and keep me accountable.

Anonymous said...

I hardly ran the last 2 months. Last Saturday I went for my first run and was glad I did!