Happy Anniversary!

Yesterday, we celebrated.
8 years.

Lots of love
Lots of laughs, fun, and excitement.
Travels to new places.
Time with friends and family.

Tough times, good times.
Over the last 8 years, we've seen it all.

A little over 3 years ago I said yes....

And on August 24, 2013 we will finally get hitched!

Dear Kevin,
You are my best friend, and I love you to pieces. Not only have you been there to support me through grad school, my doctorate, and more school, you've supported me with my work, and the work I want to do. You've been supportive (mostly) of my healthier lifestyle by eating everything I cook for you, and cheering me on to the finish at every race, capturing it all on camera, and making me feel like a superhero. 8 years may seem like a long time, but I can't wait to spend many many more years ahead in life's adventures with you!

Love you Forever
Happy Anniversary!


Aimee said...

Beautiful photos. Congratulations Stephanie! All the best to you and Kevin.

Jenn said...

Congratulations Steph! Enjoy your last year of engagement, it goes by so fast :) Wishing you both a lifetime of happiness :)

Lisa J said...

adorable photos. So refreshing that you have a long engagement- so many people are married immediately after engagement they don't take time to enjoy everything!

Kiley said...

Man. 8 years! That's awesome! My man and I have been together for almost 5 and it seems like forever. Those pictures are adorable.

Anonymous said...

Wow, 8 years! Happy Anniversary!!! Aug 24 is a great date! It's my boyfriend's and my anniversary :)

Paulette said...

Such cute photos - yay!