Jillian Progress!

How are my Jillian workouts going?

So far so good!
I've done awesome at getting the strength workouts in (They're getting wicked hard)! The cardio workouts, I'm not loving. I've been either skipping or throwing in some running.

Over the last month I've lost...
7 pounds 
3 inches from upper chest
4 inches from bust
2 inches from midriff
0 inches from upper arm
3 inches from waist
.5 inches from upper hip
2 inches from lower hip
.5 inches from upper thigh
1.5 inches from mid thigh
.5  inches from calf

Overall = 17 inches lost!

So far I'm loving the program, but need to be better on my nutrition. I can definitely tell how much my shape is changing for the better. We had our engagement photos taken last week & they came out amazing! I cannot wait to get my CD of pictures to share with you!

I also bought a very important dress to wear in August!

Things are moving along, but I still haven't picked any new races yet!

Have you tried Jillian's Body Revolution?
Do you think 17 inches the first month is a good start?
Who can't wait to see my engagement pics?


~ Jury said...

YAY!! That's awesome progress :D I just started the program over the weekend, what a big motivator, thanks for sharing. Looking forward to the pics.

Lisa said...

I've never followed a workout program, but that sounds like amazing progress to me. Way to go!!!

Penny said...

That is awesome Stephanie. Keep up the good work girl. I will say when I'm consistent with Jillian workout dvd I do see my body tranform, not necessarily in the weight part but the look part and of course getting into those tight fitten blue jeans.

Aimee said...

The dress! How exciting!! Stephanie I think that is amazing progress you've had with Jillian's workouts. I've never tried Body Revolution. However, after the marathon this weekend I have decided to change things up a bit. It's time for something different. I love running, but winter is here and I'm feeling a bit burned out.

I would love to see your engagement photos. Such wonderful things happening in your life. Enjoy every moment!