Recharged & Ready to Go!

Today, I feel recharged.

After working all week & weekend, and all last week & the kinesio course last weekend, I needed a break. Thank god, that was today.

I baked & cooked up a storm.

Dark Chocolate Cherry Oatmeal Cookies & Malibu Pina Colada Cupcakes for the bakesale at work tomorrow. Quinoa cups for lunch & future breakfast/snack, Black Bean Quinoa & Citrus salad for work this week, and getting my Clean Eating Mexican Shepherd's Pie ready for dinner.

I ran a mile in my Vibrams, my first run ever in them!

I got a pedicure & went tanning.

I watered the newly fertilized lawn (thanks hunny!)

I caught up on blog reading & DVR shows.

Overall I had a relaxing, much needed day to catch up. The last couple weeks have been busy and stressfull. Last week was a slight challenge in my no sugar challenge, but overall it's going well. I definitely feel like clean eating/no sugar is a type of lifestyle I want to strive to maintain ~90% of the time. While my eating has been better, my workouts are lacking, which is a main reason in my lack of posting. When I don't workout, I feel like I shouldn't be posting!

Now that I feel newly re-energized, I'm ready to regain focus!
Clean Eating, No Sugar
Get workouts in, no excuses!

What helps you re-energize?
Does your job make you crazy sometimes?


Penny said...

That looks so yummy. Love days like that when I can just chill and bake goodies or anything for that matter. What type of vff are those. I've not seen them before. Glad you get to have a nice relaxing day off.

Elizabeth said...

that all looks so good! what is the recipe for the mexican shepherds pie? glad you had a chance to slow down and recharge. that was me before vacation-so i know how you feel!

Erica Elia said...

Send some yummies my way!!!!

Regan said...

Can you post the recipe for the Mexican Shepherds Pie and Quinoa Cups?

Anonymous said...

Good for you! How did you like the vibrams? I really like mine :)