I believe in miracles!

I've been stressed and down in the dumps.
I've been skipping workouts, eating like junk and just overall having a tough time getting out of this funk.

But I do believe tomorrow is another day.
Tomorrow I have a morning workout planned.
A healthy lunch on the menu.
A quick dinner out for the roomies birthday.

Tonight I am going to bed super early. My lack of sleep lately is one of the major contributors to this feeling. I felt great on the no sugar kick (but fell off the wagon), I really need to get back at that too. The looming half marathon on Sunday with an extreme lack of training is making me a little nervous too. I'm sure I'll be really sore on Monday!

My miracle will be getting on track and surviving the half marathon.

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Aimee said...

Good luck at your half! I was on a tear with food recently but I've managed to get it in check. Life happens. You will get back on track. Maybe just go into the race with the goal to simply enjoy the experience and go at a comfortable pace.