Headlights work great in the kitchen....

I've been bad at posting!
I'm just having trouble getting everything in lately.

We had a busy weekend doing a fun project in the kitchen...

Running headbands and headlamps aren't just good for running!

After slaving away saturday morning/afternoon to get the tile down, we headed to Boston for the Sox game! This time we had tickets on the green monster, which if you don't know much about Fenway is the top of the green scoreboard area...

We entered a super private stairway and climbed a ton of stairs & there we were. The coolest view I've ever had of the ball park. We had a blast, even though we were standing, and had a few beers, made some new friends, and watched the Red Sox win!!

After sleeping waaaaayyy in Sunday morning, we finished up on the kitchen. Installing the grout before and after Mothers Day brunch at our favorite brunch location & future wedding reception site, the Delaney House.

In all the excitement, I didn't get a workout in. Oh, and I ate and drank like crap. Life happens right? Thank GOODNESS I have Monday-Wednesday off from work, and was able to recover.

I started the day off with a swim in the rain, then followed with cleaning around the house, doing laundry, and other random things. I was super excited when the mail came, because there was a surprise!

Thanks LARABAR! more to come later!!
The day gets even better, because my roommate and I headed to Hartford to Pole Control Studios for our very first pole dancing class! Literally I have wanted to learn to pole dance for years. Like 10+ years. My arms aren't this sore after most of my TRX classes! We learned a few turns and how to climb the pole. The Groupon was so worth it, and we still have 4 more classes left for our class pass. We can't wait to go back!!

Tomorrow a good workout and more housework and relaxing!

How was your weekend?
What home projects have you tackled on your own?


The Green Girl said...

Your kitchen is looking amazing!

And I agree, headlamps are so useful!

Aimee said...

I love your backsplash and envy your DIY talent. I am so embarrassed to say that I have never in all my years living in Massachusetts gone to Fenway. That will change this August. Sad that my 5 year old has been before me! Sounds like a great time and all the better that they won.

I have heard that the pole dancing classes are a blast. It's always more fun to do those things with a friend. Enjoy your days off.

Elizabeth said...

oh i don’t do projects on my own at home. not gifted or patient enough for this! but quite impressed with yours!