Rain rain go away!!

This week's workouts have been a washout! Yesterday, I wasn't able to ride, since I had to work. Today Shelley  I had an 8 miler scheduled but due to pouring rain we cancelled. We didn't feel like getting poured on 2 weekends in a row.

My bootcamp, the major motivator to my recent weight loss success is winding down this coming week. So sad! Good news is, I have decided to commit to another 8 weeks of fabulous bootcamp workouts with Bia Fitness.

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Tonight we're heading to the Blink 182 concert, but praying the rain isn't too bad! We have lawn seats, and its been raining all day, and is supposed to storm tonight. I'm crossing my fingers that its not too bad outside. I also thankfully have the day off tomorrow, so  my plan is to swim, clean the entire house, and start packing for vacay!

Congrats to everyone who finished Chicago RnR today!


Running Ricig said...

Hope the weather's ok for your concert! It's still pretty terrible here though...

The Green Girl said...

Aw, I'm sorry the weather has been putting a damper on your workouts, girl.

I hope Bia Fitness is just as awesome as your last bootcamp. I so get your sadness - I miss my old kickboxing place more than I can put into words.

Karen said...

Yuck hope the rain isn't a hindrance this weekend!