And.... She's Out!

I re-set the alarm this morning. twice. 4:30 became 5, then 5 became 6:30.

I skipped my run, and I feel guilty especially since I'm not sure of how many outdoor running opportunities I will have on vacation. However my legs are sore from yesterday's bootcamp, and that was without me pushing 100%. Why? well.... I almost passed out after the warmup.

What? Who passes out at bootcamp?

Thankfully I didn't. I was able to recognize my symptoms and get to a lying down position in time to prevent a black out. I've had this problem many times before, just never coupled with working out. I've passed out getting blood work and IVs and shots, putting contacts in & getting my yearly eye exam, at the lady doctors in stirrups, from back pain in my bed, and more. Vasovagal syncope is what it is.

Vasovagal syncope is pretty much when your body overreacts to a trigger like the sight of blood, or extreme emotional distress. In my case, anxiety about needles, and pain are my biggest triggers, not sure what the problem was at bootcamp though. There is usually a short loss of consciousness caused by a sudden drop in heart rate or blood pressure, which reduces blood flow to the brain.

I've taught myself to avoid passing out for the most part. I recognize the light-headedness, the tunnel vision, the cold clammy sweat, and know I need to lay down and do some deep breathing. Sometimes it hits too quickly to prevent anything, but I'm usually able to warn whoever I'm with, "I'm gonna pass out now!"

Does your body ever revolt against you?
Have you ever passed out during exercise?

I'm heading to vacation soon (3 days to go!), but have a few favors to ask of you before then. 
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Wells L said...

Over the 7 years I taught health, I had several students have the vasovagal response and pass out. Know it all too well. Once it happened when I was describing stomas. Other times it would happen when describing pus or sores from STD's. I always felt bad for the students. Wow, that's kind of a pain for your life! Glad you learned to recognize the symptoms.

YAY VACAY!!!! Have fun!!!!

Shawn said...

I know your symptoms well! I too vagal , the last time was when I had the crazy idea to get botox at the laugh lines. Heck, the doc was just starting to inject when that terrible feeling started...Oh, thank goodness I was on the exam table because he just assisted me down, and continued the injection.

I am a nurse, needles and blood do not bother me..but procedures ( ON ME) DO!!!

Stephanie Anne said...

Thats funny Shawn because I am in the medical field as well (physical therapist) and blood, would, etc don't bother me at all. But I couldn't even have my own stitches taken out without passing out! lol

Karen said...

Oh no! Sorry you almost passed out! :0( I've been lightheaded before and I've seen stars, but I've never passed out. Don't feel guilty about the run - you've been working hard and probably needed a break! Have fun on vacation!

Running Ricig said...

My friend has that. I'm so glad you didn't pass out! And you totally deserve to skip a run after that!!

My body revolts all the time, I have issues with chronic vertigo. Gross.

Megan said...

Wow! I don't think I've EVER passed out actually. Hmm. Interesting. But sometimes sleep trumps running, that's just how it is! And that's how it's been for me for quite a while!

The Green Girl said...

Wow! I'm so glad you know how to recognize your symptoms and know it's coming. ::hugs::