Providence is coming!

This morning I went for my last run before the inaugural Rock N Roll Providence! It's cooled off dramatically here in New England, and I was blessed with a nice breeze. The most wonderful running weather there is. What a change from our heat wave 2 weeks ago! I'm so thankful it cooled down just in time for the race. By the way, have you seen this awesome medal?

So awesome, it may be a new favorite (although I do LOVE my Mardi Gras one)

Shelley and I never really discuss time goals with each other. My goal? A new PR, I set my plan out to aim for a 2:23 finish, but then Shelley told me a few weeks ago she'd like to hit 2:20. I think it may be doable, so I think we'll go for it & see what happens!
Ultimate Goal - 2:20
Still awesome goal 2:23
You did good goal 2:25

Tonight Kevin & I are heading to Fenway with my mom and sister to see the Sox take on the Yankees!
You know we LOVE our Red Sox!

I'm hoping to leave early Saturday morning from home to hit up the Wrentham outlets on the way to Providence. We'll hit up the Expo and have a delicious dinner at Fire & Ice before getting everything together for the big day Sunday. Wish me luck!


Running Ricig said...


Wells L said...

Have fun with all of your weekend happenings! Good luck at the race!!!!

Penny said...

Get your run on Stephanie. Your going to do awesome at the race this weekend. Have fun and enjoy it all.

SupermomE12 said...

Good luck and HAVE FUN this weekend!!!

Kayla said...

GOOD LUCK!!! Enjoy it!

Karen said...

That medal is awesome! Love it! Hope the race goes well tomorrow! You're going to get your goal, I just know it! :0)