I've been naughty...

How do you stay on track nutritionally?

You see... I'm having some trouble.
I was excellant the first month of Jillian's program, then month 2 my nutrition kind of fell apart, and I'm really hoping to get back on track for month 3. 

The problem??

The Holidays?!!

Have not
been good with food.

The treats (white chocolate peppermint hugs?!), the booze, the parties. I really need to get a grip on this stuff.  How am I supposed to avoid all this??

I'm trying to picture my wedding, the dress, the parties, the vacations coming up. oh my. Plus I need to get on my racing schedule and plan for the upcoming months. I'm thinking sprint tri in late april, half in late may, and another 70.3 in june.

I need to keep space on my schedule for a Team Tough Chik race...
September 28, 2013
Who want to join Team Tough Chik??

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How do you avoid food/drink temptations?
Whats on your calendar so far?


Lisa said...

I've not been so good with the treats, but I gave up alcohol 2.5 yrs ago and that helps quite a bit with unwanted calories and such.

a tortoiseontherun said...

Im right there with you! ugh! peppermint mochas (I have been trying to keep these lighten up), eggnog lattes (ha ha light NOT!). Festivities of plenty ahead. I learned that during the holiday seasons you can't help it 100% of the time - its EVERYWHERE. At the advice of another I need to make a calendar and mark those possible (bad) days and then mark which (good) days I can manage to stay on track. Hopefully this visual will help me to allow myself to relax and not stress out after those (bad) days. (since I'll have a handful of (good) days behind and ahead of me)

Becky at Prairie Runner said...

I try to indulge myself once in a while - if i don't I tend to go overboard on the treats. You only live once - eat what you want, maybe not ALL you want :)!

Lauren said...

I try to limit myself at work because we seem to always to treats. I mean me limiting myself is like "One a day" which isn't that helpful since if they weren't there I wouldn't eat them, but I usually have a treat in my lunch (like cookies or something...it's a carryover from when I was a kid and my mom made my lunch. I'd have my brown bread sandwich, fruit, milk and some sort of sweet and I've never stopped that, even as an adult), anyway, if I have a sweet in my lunch I don't eat it if I ate something else at work. It's not ideal, but thankfully we don't have treats everyday at work.

Right now on the schedule is a local race series, and Around the Bay 30k race - my first race over 21.1 km, so that will be interesting - I'm looking forward to it though!

Aimee said...

I'm afraid to step foot in Trader Joe's for fear that the Chocolate Peppermint covered pretzel thins will jump into my cart. Seriously this is a really tough time of year, but I'm really serious about not overdoing it this year. I don't drink alcohol other than the occasional glass of wine so that helps a bit. As for the food, I am determined not to waste my calories (or points in my case) on treats I can get any time of the year. I will allow myself a treat here in there in moderation. I will also journal every morsel to stay accountable. Extra workouts help on those not so good eating days.

Paulette said...

The Zooma Cape Cod race looks like so much fun - really want to check that out someday!

Anonymous said...

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