Pumpkinman Half Ironman Race Report 2012 - Pre-race!

To say I was nervous for this race was an understatement.
A not so stellar training cycle, no weight loss as planned, and just imagining those 70.3 miles ahead of me, had me crying and ready to throw up all week.

I started packing on friday morning. I carefully laid out my race gear, and my other necessities for a mini race-cation! I LOVE making mini vacations out of races. Kevin and I were looking forward to enjoying a little time in Maine/New Hampshire after I tackled the longest race of my life.

Saturday afternoon, we headed to the car and started the almost 3 hours north. After checking in at the hotel, we headed to packet pick up. I was panicking about the race course, so I convinced Kevin to drive 1 loop of the bike course and 1 loop of the run course. Driving the course helped me calm down as I realized there weren't too many climbs! I started to calm down, I can do this!

We had a huge snafu with dinner, that I had a panic attack over. We had made a reservation at the Spaghetti Stain in Dover, NH, which was a recommended restaurant by the Pumpkinman Triathlon. We made a reservation, and after waiting a half hour and sitting down, we were informed that they were out of the only thing I wanted, Chicken Parm. Seriously? An italian place, pre-race? 

Thank god for Trip Advisor, which pointed us in the direction of heaven...

Antonios (I think?) had the most amazing Chicken Parm ever. Most Perfect Pre- Race Dinner. EVER.

Back to the hotel for pre-race gathering of gear, and a good nights sleep.

Tough Chik, ready to go!

Race day coming up soon!


Aimee said...

An Italian restaurant out of chicken parm?! Crazy!!

I also use running races as an excuse to make a mini-vacation out the experience. I tend to plan races in places we've never been before. I'm starting to like the idea of running a race in every state as an excuse to travel.

Maine is so beautiful and refreshing. The air even smells cleaner.

Looking forward to the race recap.

Anonymous said...

I can only imagine how nervous you must have been. I will run marathon #3 in a little over a week and still freak out! :)