After 70.3 comes....

After 70.3, I'm looking forward to a little break from endurance training. (Although I will still be doing the Hartford Half October 13th)! I need a shake up! I need something different to help me shape up! I have big plans in the next year, and I want to be the best shape of my life! 

Instead of continuing with my Bootcamp classes (I miss TRX!), I want to do a daily strength program & just can't afford the daily price at Bia fitness. That means I'm looking to the world of workout videos, and I need some input to help me with my decision!

First up is P90X.
My brother did the program to lose over 100 pounds and tone up.
Workouts are typically 60 minutes long.
Cost: $120 for the program, $240 if I want the pull up bar & resistance bands

Next up is Jillian's new Body Revolution Program.
My friend A does this program, and loves that most of the videos are around 30 minutes each. She adds in more cardio to round things out.
Her base program is $120 and comes with a resistance band.
Plus I love love love everything Jillian.
Check out one of my Jillian centered posts: 

Have you tried either of these?
Which would you pick?
Or would you pick another one?

And seriously if Beach Body or Team Jillian wants to send me the programs, I wouldn't complain!


Runner Maybe said...

Have done P90x, for about 45 days - I really liked it byt the hour+ DVDs were tough to fit in when I wanted to do other things like Spin. I currently have ChaLean Extreme. I enjoy her workouts but have fallen off the wagon. I need to get back on them they ae about 40 minutes

Anonymous said...

Have you heard about Surpreme 90 days? You can buy it for $20 only at amazon and Target and it pretty much the same as P90X. The workouts are a little shorter than P90X but as effective!

Sweat Is My Sanity said...

I love Jillian but haven't tried Px90 but my good friend loves it and lost 11 pounds and looked great from it. That's not much help sorry. :) Jessica