Debating racing

What race have I been debating??

Oh boy.

Remember that race report, or more correctly, reports?

I won't spoil too much, but let's recall I finished last year in 6:17:06, a little over an hour past my original time goal. YIKES! Originally I swore I'd never do another Marathon unless it followed 2.4 miles of swimming and 112 miles of biking (yes, that means I haven't counted out possibility of an Ironman one day), but after that hellish day at the most wonderful place on earth, I needed redemption. The question was when/where. 

I didn't think it would be Disney, then I saw the medal....

Question was, did I want to head into Marathon training immediately following 70.3?

S worked on me, she really wanted to do it. She's been in a running funk lately & has been trying to work her way out. She decided to drop the Hartford Marathon and look to Disney to regain focus. So I did the smart thing, made a pros & cons list:

The medal
Marathon redemption
Motivation to workout/run
Having scheduled/planned workouts
More time with S (sunday long runs again!)
Trip to Disney!
Having my knee feeling better for a big race
Going out for a big breakfast for our post long run tradition

Lengthy, time consuming long runs
Cold long runs
Cost: race, flight, hotel, etc
Risk or re-injury with increased mileage
Focus on training, not weight loss
no break between 70.3 & marathon training

The truth was, I wanted to want to do Disney.
But I just didn't.
I need a break after 70.3 to focus strictly on weight loss, and toning up.
Know what, S decided the same thing.


I may have a different marathon on the brain

Which marathon do you think it is?
Do you think I made the right decision?

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SupermomE12 said...

The Disney marathon sold out yesterday,so I guess you better go with the other one you were considering! I have done Disney twice and I do really enjoy it, but there is a lot of hoopla and a lot of waiting around and it is crazy expensive, so I am skipping it for awhile. :) You are amazing with all that you are doing!

Michelle said...

Sounds like you made a good choice for yourself! Looking forward to hearing which marathon you choose!

Penny said...

I think you made the right choice. Training for anything takes a lot of your time. I would have to say for me, I keep doing marathons so I can keep in shape. When I am not in training I tend to slack off on my eating right.