Healing Up

It's really tough sitting on the sidelines.

Since my ambulance ride to the hospital, days on IV narcotics & muscle relaxers to get my spasms & pain under control, and 2 weeks off from work, I am slowly feeling like myself again. I'm back at work light duty (no lifting any patients), and have been getting more into my physical therapy exercises. I've been dying to get on my running shoes…

I asked my PT yesterday if she thought I was ready to go for a run. Now, being a PT myself, I think I have a pretty good gauge of what I can handle, but I also don't want to overlook things because of the crazy runner who is buried inside me. She looked at me a little crazy, and said maybe a fast walk or slow jog for a mile. Not much, but i'll take it! It's on my list for tomorrow. I've been able to get on my bike trainer a few times for some easy pedaling, and have been working on my core stabilization and back exercises.

Life since marriage has been good. I need to post some pictures for those of you still reading to see! Kevin has been a trooper through it all, and been amazing through this whole injury process. I really put him through the test only 5 months in!

We celebrated Valentine's Day with a nice dinner out, and dessert at home. 

Hope you all had a wonderful V-day and are getting some good runs in for me!


Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

It's so hard ot just not run isn't it. Hope you are back to running strong soon. As a PT what do you think about yoga and running? I've picked up yoga lately and it really seems to be helping, just curious your thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear more about the wedding and of course to see pictures!!! Hope your run went well and you are having a speedy recovery!