What's keeping me busy?

Things have been busy for 3 reasons....

First reason is....

I have schoolwork to do!
As many of you know, I am a Physical Therapist at an acute rehabilitation hospital. I also love working with students and teaching physical therapy. I serve as adjunct faculty at my alma matter and take usually 2 students a year to do their full time clinical internships, as well as organizing an integrated clinical for first year PT students.
I love teaching.
As a bonus for taking students from Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Health Professions, I get credit vouchers. I have decided to use those vouchers to work toward an advanced certificate in teaching! So I have been spending many nights reading, researching, and writing for school.

Second Reason...
I am on a training hiatus.

I have no races currently scheduled (although there are 70.3 thoughts in my head). I have decided to take 3 months off from formal race training (which I haven't done in over 3 years), to work on really losing the weight I need to. I have tried so many times, but race training tends to leave me exhausted and stressed, and hungry! So for 3 months, I have a new best friend.

Remember when I was back/forth between Jillian and P90X?
Jillian won.
Can we say love it?
I have lost almost 10 pounds in 2 weeks.
I feel lighter, thinner, more energized, and healthy.
The diet is the key part, and I love only doing 30 minute workouts.
My ultimate goal will be adding in a few running days, but that is on hold until my big toe heals from the nasty catamaran injury on vacation.
Not running or training, makes me feel like I can't make posts, but I will just have to make them more weight loss & healthy living centered.

Third Reason....

Kevin & I are getting Married!
We have set our date for August 24, 2013!
I have been busy putting things together, getting organized, and planning planning planning. This is the reason I won't be able to have a repeat at Pumpkinman 70.3, but am considering the Patriot Half Iron in June 2013.

So now you know what has been keeping me busy on my small hiatus from blogging. Oh that, and an amazing vacation. I'll recap that in another post.

What keeps you busy from blogging?
Would you ever go back to school?
Do you care about reading my weight loss adventures or race training only?


Kayla said...

When you mentioned that you had reasons for not doing pumpkinman I had a feeling you were getting married that weekend!! YAY! CONGRATS!! Good luck with school that sounds really exciting!

Penny said...

yahoo Congrat on your wedding in aug. how do u like Jillian's revoultion tape ...I keep looking at those tape can't decide if they r worth getting and I lov e Jillian

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!!! And what a perfect date (it's my 5 year anniversary with my boyfriend) :)

In regards to PT: Would you mind sharing information how to become a PT and what the job looks like? I'm considering changes careers :)

Aimee said...

Wow congratulations on your upcoming wedding. I love weddings. I am so happy for you and Kevin.

I thought I would have tons of extra time to blog once my son started full day kindergarten. I think with marathon training and doing the day to day mundane household stuff I really haven't had any extra time. I was never a daily blogger anyway, but I do enjoy it.

Also best of luck with your classes. I am returning for my Master's in Nursing in July. Before I became a nurse I was a teacher. I am hoping to one day teach nursing. I enjoy being in school.

I would be very interested in reading about your weight loss adventures. I'm still on my own weight loss journey and I find inspiration, support and great helpful ideas from others going through the same transformation.

Sounds like there is much to celebrate in your life these days. I'm so happy for you.

The Green Girl said...

Aw, congratulations, girl! What an exciting time for you.