Marathon Training Week 6 recap!

I'm trying to keep things as normal as possible, despite the power outage.
I got up at 5:10am to go to TRX in the pitch black. Luckily, Bia Fitness' studio got power back yesterday, so we didn't have class in the dark. It was so nice to be in a warm place! After working out I took a cold shower (huge mistake), and did my hair and makeup at work.

Remember that BBQ chicken pizza I was going to make on the grill?

It came out fabulous! Caramelized red onions, grilled chicken, BBQ sauce & gouda cheese. YUM! We also used the grill to boil some water for tea & hot chocolate. Thank goodness!

Marathon Training recap week # 6 
Monday 10/24 - slept in (still recovering from that Halloween Party)
Tuesday - treadmill speedwork: 2x 1200m @ 6.5mph, 4x 800m @ 6.6mph with warmup, cooldowns and rest intervals in between. Felt strong throughout the speedwork intervals, which were long, but doable. Felt good to run!
Wednesday- TRX class. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I just know I am going to love the TRX so much this round. It is helping me focus more on core strengthening, which I desperately need!
Thursday- Treadmill tempo: 5 miles @ 5.9 mph . FAST for me!! I was surprised by how good my knee felt, and how great the pace and run overall felt.
Friday- TRX Circuit @ Bia Fitness
Saturday- Was planning an indoor ride, but skipped because I "didn't feel like it." NEVER again!! The snow started shortly after, and now no power!
Sunday- with all the downed power lines and trees, we decided to skip our scheduled long run. Boring day spent waiting for hot coffee, shoveling snow, then playing cranium outside because it was warmer there than in the house.
Monday- Included in this week because I did my longrun!! I made it all 14 miles on the treadmill, stopping after miles 3, 8, 12, then finish for more water. A couple walk breaks here and there to stretch out the knee, or avoid too much pain, but other than that I felt great (even better to finish!) 14 miles in 2:47:03!
Nutrition- Had been doing great counting all my points all week & weekend until the power went out. I managed to keep my Halloween promise and avoid the candy, but not eating my regular foods made me hungry at odd times and feeling uncomfortable. I'm trying my best to stay on track until we get power back hopefully saturday!

I'll do this week's training recap as usual next Monday!


Tri Chic ~ Jury said...

Excellent week!! Can't believe you've put in so much despite the conditions.. Great job! :)

Wells L said...

So much I'd like to comment on, but I'll keep it short. You played Cranium OUTSIDE in the snow because it was warmer outside than inside????????????? HOLY MOLY!

Your pizza looks incredible - I'm so coming to your house the next time we have a power outage - we eat PB&J sandwiches (boo!).

Great job the diverse workouts - that will really keep you injury free as your training. AND I can't believe you've already completed 6 weeks of your marathon schedule - woot woot! Great job girl, keep it up.

Stay warm!!!!

Jenn said...

That pizza looks amazinggggg!