Almost 2 months since my last post!
2 months?!!

I've obviously been in a rut. Sure, I've been running (a little), I've been riding my bike on the trainer, and I even got to the pool once. I started back up at Bia Fitness (early TRX tomorrow). Thanks for following along with me on my facebook page (HERE) while I've been lacking in posts.

Honestly, I've been thinking about priorities.
I didn't do my last triathlon because I knew I shouldn't spend $70 on it. I'm not registering for another next weekend or a few away for the same reason. The wedding is creeping up, I'm trying to save money & stay sane.

I'm trying to keep my priorities in check with saving money, planning the wedding, enjoying life.
I have some exciting things coming up, I need to make sure I keep you all in the loop!

Does money keep you from racing?
What are you saving up for?


Lisa said...

I try not to be frivolous with racing, because it costs money. I also don't travel for races like some people do. So yeah, to a certain extent it keeps me from racing. But I like to think of it the same as you described, keeping priorities in check.

Aimee said...

You are wise to put your finances on the top of your priorities. Racing can get very expensive. Right now running is a priority in my life. We use races as an excuse to travel and visit friends who don't live nearby so it benefits all of us. I don't have any other vice so this is what I choose to spend a little extra money on, but I have opted not to register for certain races if it goes above my budget.

I think saving for a wedding and honeymoon and beyond is a wonderful reason to pass on expensive races.

Penny said...

I normally sign up for race to make me accountable, but so far this year it is not working very well for me. I do the races but not like I want to. Sometimes I think I should just save my money,but so afraid I will quit working out all together. Wedding is much more important.

Zaneta said...

Money keeps me from doing a lot of things unfortunately... but like you said, you need to figure out your priorities and what you can justify spending money on... :)
and please do keep us posted! ;)

Anonymous said...

How is the wedding planning going? For me the toughest part about wedding planning was the emotional stress. I got really disappointed by friends and families, on the other side I know now who I can rely on and not. Other than that, wedding planning was awesome!