Dear TRX....

Dear TRX,

I've missed you.
I've missed the sore muscles you cause, and how strong I feel after completing each class. I miss feeling like a badass when I can kill a move I've been practicing for weeks. I've missed checking in with friends and cheering each other on as we sweat at 5am. I can't wait to see you next week, and I promise  I'll try to stick around while training for races.


I'm returning to class once a week at Bia Fitness! I won a gift certificate around the holidays, which will get me through an 8 week session, then I'll have to re-visit if I can stay on after that. I am NOT looking forward to the 4:30am wakeup to get there in time, but it is only once a week.

My running keeps getting put off, but I'm getting back on track with training while I contemplate a 70.3 in June. Or.... one of my friends is trying to convince me to race Pumpkinman the weekend I get back from my honeymoon. He thinks eating and drinking will be the perfect taper, but not sure if I agree.

I know I'm ready to get back on a schedule with training again!

What time do you get up to workout?
Do you think I could do 70.3 right after 10 days of honeymooning?
Do you like the regimen of training or prefer a relaxed workout plan?


Kathykins said...

I personally wouldn't do it. Pumpkinman will be there year after year but your honeymoon is only once :)

Alan Kipping-Ruane said...

I love my TRX and always recommend to anybody that I coach for running or triathlons. I get up between 5:40 -6am everyday.

As for doing a 70.3 after 10-days of rest? I think you can. It may not be pretty, but if your goal is to finish then you will easily get there.

I prefer the regimen of training, but any program needs to have flexibility in it as well.

Kelsierakay said...

I love your blog! I started mine about 2 months ago based on my goal of running a thousand miles this year.

Hope you check it out!

Anonymous said...

There was one half marathon I wanted to run but it is a week after our honeymoon. I decided not to run it. Out of country trips always make me feel a little jet legged. Plus I didn't want to have the guilty feeling during my honeymoon that I have to work out or watch my food and drinks.

Where do you go for your honeymoon?