Happy New Year!!!

Here comes another year, another fresh start, another opportunity to make your world everything you want it to be! I always love the outlook of a new year, especially when I have so much to look forward to this year!

Except racing!
Can you believe I do not have a single race on my schedule yet for 2013? (lie, I do have RnR Providence booked)
Although talking with a friend last night, maybe I can get half marathon ready for they Hyannis Half on February 24? I'm considering a 70.3 in June, and a few sprints along the way. I don't want to bog myself down with having too many races with my busy schedule coming up. Going to school, teaching, working full time, and planning a wedding may be more than I can already handle.

How did you ring in the new year?

We spent the afternoon having a hotel party before hitting up the casino for a comedy show, some drinks, a little gambling, and a 2:30am stop at Bobby Flays.

This was like my last hurrah before getting totally serious in the Run Your A$$ Off Challenge. I feel kinda guilty about not running after seeing so many race pics or people posting about half or full marathons (or both). Is it bad I like my drinking tradition?

Hope you all had a fabulous New Years Eve!

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Run with Jess said...

haha... my hubs still likes the "drinking tradition" on NYE too. He gets so mad at me b/c after a couple, I'm done. I confess, I'm just not that fun at the drinking thing anymore... :) Happy New Year!!
Good luck in Run Your A$$ OFF!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!!! 2013 will be a great year for us, we both are getting married!!!