Happy Graduation Day to my Sister!

I'm exhausted, but starting to recoup after sleeping for 12+ hours long.

Friday was the roomie's Bday Party!
The decorated hotel room!
A, B & Me!

The roomie & Me!

After 3 hours of sleep, I got in my car & drove and drove and drove across much of CT. First was to find a Panera for a MUCH needed coffee & breakfast sandwich, then drive from Mohegan Sun to Danbury, CT for the last series of my Kinesiotaping class!

Somehow I survived a day full of taping, and was able to make the 90 minute drive home in one piece. I crashed at 9pm, and slept forever.

I may try to hit the pool and do my long run tomorrow instead.
My little sister's High School Graduation which is today. I can't believe she's graduating, it seems like yesterday I was changing her diapers or she was heading off to the first day of school. I guess when you have such a big age difference its easy to think like that. It also made me think about how its been 12 years since I graduated High School! I can't believe its been so long, and how much I've changed since then.

My baby sister

Her first Day of School...

Her Senior Picture

Happy Graduation Day Sister!


Erica Elia said...

So sweet about your sister! Congrats to her! Great pictures! Erica

Wells L said...

Looks like a weekend of partying fun!

congratulations to your sister!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a party weekend! Great! Congrats to your sister!

Penny said...

Congrats to your sister on her Graduation. Sounds like you had a very busy weekend.